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  1. GT: L VLTO L ARENA - Onyx Player, call out, not one to rage, etc. Looking for a team that are willing to play at least 4x a week together and maybe do some online tourneys.
  2. I know its late notice, but 2 people asked me to play with them tonight, we need a 4th. Message me on here or GT: L VLTO L
  3. you can message me, wouldn't mind playing a few games to see how we work. GT is L VLTO L
  4. i just got a message from my buddy that he wants me to play tonight, but we need one more. Message me on XB, my GT is L VLTO L
  5. I am currently looking for a serious team, one that will put in practice and work at least 4 days a week. I play almost everyday either under this GT or others, I am a committed individual with a lot of room for growth. I welcome criticism from my team and will learn from it. I listen to call outs as well as try to give them. I am usually around an 1800 onyx arena, mainly play solo or with randoms, mostly always positive in games and I don't rage. I live on the East coast and play every night between 7-8 pm until midnight eastern time. If you need a 4th or would like to make a team feel free to message me. It's a little too late to do open circuit, but i think if we played everyday and did online tourneys and skrim often we might be ready for next season. My GT is L VLTO L. Feel free to message me, as I sometimes don't get notifications. If you are the type of person who gets salty over a loss in pubs, please don't hit me up.
  6. hmu if you are still looking for a player, Gt is L VLTO L.
  7. I'm around your age, laid back. I don't rage, i like playing through losses and discussing what we could do better, you must fail sometimes to learn from your mistakes. I welcome criticism as long as it is constructive, I play weeknights from 7 or 8pm est - ~12am est. I play with a lot of random people or solo que when i can' find a team, I am just trying to improve as a player and I want a team that could help me and help each other. I am east coast. My GT is L VLTO L. Mainly been playing solo this season, hit me up if you are serious and we can play some games and see how our chemistry is.
  8. Im in CT Onyx in Arena, would love to hit some LANs GT: L VLTO L
  9. placed onyx 1700 solo que, hit me up...my GT is L VLTO L
  10. GT: L VLTO L Placed ONYX 1700 this season and did it solo que (August .season) Only really play Arena, but don't want to keep playing solo, If u have a team or want to make one, MESSAGE me, do not just add me, message because my notifications for some reason do not work. -Looking to get a team to play Arena and maybe compete (onyx players only).
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