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  1. nobody respects JimBruddahOne more than i
  2. if black undersuits and input lag arent in Infinite there will be hell to pay
  3. im gonna coom if infinite has playable elites, split screen multiplayer and vehicle spam just like HALO THREE
  4. hyuh hyuh hyuh just like the good ol days right? really brings me back
  5. all it took was some yummy cLaSsIc hALo Tree to cauterize the sweet friendship only found on the sangheili battlefield. I know Jack "Courage" Dunlop would be so proud.
  6. Remove power weapons. Remove power-ups. Remove Slayer. Remove controller support. HaLo iS bAcK
  7. slays and capitalizing on someone not occupying a space is what creates opportunity, the only difference is that person "created" that "opportunity" because they were invisible/insta-sploded someone/screen-swiped them with snipe instead of out-positioning and outshooting. its fucking boring. You can say they "fought" and "earned" those powerweapons as well but thats almost never the case unless you count nade spam and thrust-sliding at the moment it comes up then strongsiding away with whatever pickup a skillset as well. it doesnt have to be halo 5 its the same shit in every game. Every power weapon/power up there ever was is cheese and games decided by who gets them the most are trash to watch and trash to play.
  8. black ops 2 plays really nice on PC. theres prob still a good population. fast arcade twitch shooting with some of the least BS compared to the rest of the series. tons of viable weapons from every class so theres a lot to grind if you feel like it.
  9. jets were a mistake, basically another form of recon kids who can play in their own corner of the map

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