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  1. eeewww, that's weird im gonna have to talk to the hive about this one and get back to you edit: ew ew ewwy edit: cH_ out
  2. me like power weapon me earn them every time powerweapon good give me 4 kills make me happy no use pistol
  3. Unbelievably self obsessed, not fooling anyone
  4. trU, an honest mix up to be sure, traveler. you still agree with his original post though, lol.
  5. "You could argue that sound is even bigger advantage and more abusable through monetary upgrades. Surround sound, headphones can improve your ability process directional sound which is a constant, significant advantage." so many people decline to use it because its impossible to measure its advantage and people who actually play FPS games dont prefer it over basic R/L stereo
  6. "your little discord crew" actually we're fucking huge and juicy, @TheIcePrincessis an IFBB pro
  7. this is incredibly stupid because i can say the same exact thing. please point out a single time where i ignored their points and mine werent. "provide examples and solutions" thats all i did. "seem to forget everything that was said previously" literally out of thin air also you werent paying attention at all because hardway didnt say a single thing yet here you are telling us he "knows what hes talking about" give me a break dude
  8. rude. ive made 4-5 actual posts clearly stating the core principles behind hitscan in a comp environment so im not sure what youre on about. ive been met with "omg so ridiculous amirite guys?" and attempted parallels from multi about fighting games, rockets and nades that dont address how strafe movement at distance void the possibility of not missing when it is always technically possible with hitscan. some real discourse when people dont actually argue and instead piggy back off of one forgers posts and rage downvote instead
  9. tic tac toe is a bad example game is flawed. and yes games can absolutely have pure cheese that lowers skill gap but thats totally different than aiming that gives you the potential to get perfect hits in any situation with sight-line vs one that is impossible to perfectly adjust when there is distance and more than one movement direction involved, even so much as an ADAD strafe is enough to make projectile useless at range. its the reason the lightning gun is always used in a mid to close range duel while the nailgun is used to spam a narrow pass or to hold static on an angle. the skill gap in CE doesnt come from the pistol so OGRE is a bad example. CE is all about power items, nades and spawns which is why id bust patch and legend's cheeks on MAINSTAGE at beachLAN in a pistol 1v1 but id get 50-0 in reg settings from spawn nades alone
  10. Easy dude the only person having a heart attack is @Teapot when i rip his vape and beat him in a pistol 1v1 at beachlan
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