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  1. My biggest fear is that 343 is going to flat out ignore Halo fans and make another trendy Halo game and for the fans who ask for the classic Halo formula 343 is going to hit us with the "We fixed MCC, go play that". Prime example:
  2. Something I noticed is that it has gotten to the point where the top teams are squads who can remain the most composed. NV, OG, TL and Inconceivable are all tilt free squads who can remain composed for a full series. Str8/EG are middle of the pack squads who can "upset" top teams. Meanwhile LG, ALG, and Team Loophole are ticking time bomb teams where at least one player from each team can negatively impact their team performance by tilting.
  3. Exactly. The problem is not the dynamic resolution. If it was; Warzone would feel horrible. However Warzone servers always feel like you're playing on LAN with how smooth and crisp the aiming feels. Warzone servers are probably the only time this game is actually using real Azure powered servers. All in all 343 needs to figure out a way to untie the aiming from being server dependent.
  4. The OG/NV matchup gives COD tons of viewers. And now that rivalry is alive in Halo. Thank you based H3cz.
  5. The console heavy aim bug still exist on the PC port. https://clips.twitch.tv/summit1g/HomelyButterfly4Head If you watch the full clip summit already thinks it's input lag.
  6. Summit1g is already complaining about the aiming in the PC port https://clips.twitch.tv/summit1g/HomelyButterfly4Head this is proof that the aiming mechanics in this game are still screwed up. Please @@Sal1ent can we get any info on getting this fixed? There was no complaints about the aim in Halo 4 and H5G:Beta but for some reason the aiming got touched for H5 release.
  7. 343 made all of Forge online dependent. So it wouldn't surprise me if they were so cocky on the dedicated servers gamble that they didn't put any client-side mechanics in this game.
  8. I've always thought Optic was one or two pieces from being good again. With a mentally stable Naded we saw the potential. They even beat RNG twice. With a tilted Naded top 8 Optic returned.

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