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  1. I would love to play. If you are needing 1 then lets do it. It would be better than not playing at all gt: ccanuck
  2. No disrespect. Like I said I am not as up to date as I used to be. With the state of the game has been in the not so distant past you have been in and out of the community and in and out of competing. If you are back then great! I stand corrected and willing to admit as much. Hope you make a good run in the Open Circuit
  3. I thought he said it wasn't a retirement but "may" compete in the next season? Relegation is for birth into the Fall Season which wouldn't start until after the season finals I assume. My understanding is that the only way in for him to get into the Fall Season would be a pick up on a Top 6 team after this current season is complete or through the Open Circuit (which starts Friday) and try to replace one of the 7th/8th Pro teams through relegation. I didn't go through the ESL rules so if he is ineligible to compete in the Open Circuit then I was not aware of that (obviously) On a side note, please tell me the rosters are locked for the season from now until after the finals
  4. Not even allowed to get an AM team and compete through the Open Circuit for relegation? That is where my thoughts were geared towards
  5. Didn't he just leave Optic and not on a team at all? Just thinking outside the box is all. Doesn't seem like there are many pro options for him that have the same dedication. You never know who will work out and have chemistry with if you're not willing to try. Maybe Naded, APG, Vetoed, Danoxide. Randa seems to inconsistent. Hysteria seems to be negative and hotheaded. FIS, Cloud, T2 seem not interested in grinding. Key word is "seems" because I fully admit I am not as up to date of what is happening in the scene as much as I once was.
  6. Unfortunately I don't think anyone is going help Optic because it doesn't seem that the put in the time for practice. I am not sure who would fit and help change that dynamic. However, I would like to see a team of @@Naded @@Vetoed @@aPG (availability?) and Aries at least run some games together to see if it could work. I believe Naded and Vetoed would have the same work ethic and ability to slay and do obj. However, they both need players that want to embrace the grind and put the work in or they get frustrated. Not sure if APG and Aries are of that mindset but feel the aggressive style of APG and Aries ability to go off at any moment would compliment them well. One problem is that both Naded and Vetoed have tendency to shut down when things are not going well so that could be a show stopper Anyways, just some thoughts as I get a little caught up to what has been going on in the scene.
  7. I have progressively stepped away from following comp halo over the last year. I unfollowed everyone in the scene on twitter (expect Halo, Quinn and Angel), I don't watch streams any longer and stop by TB every so often to get a quick snapshot of what is happening. I still watch large chunks of big tournaments. So as a result I never went to the Hive before today. Just want to say that it is an amazing site! I was big into HC when it was around and for some reason never got it to HTR. I've said this about FS and will say this about the Hive; 343 needs to get on board with what you are doing. There are many people like me that love the analytics side of Halo. How 343 doesn't have Halo Pro League site like the Hive is beyond me. Maybe come Thursday one will pop up. Hopefully you will have time to make a Pro League component to the Hive with things like Schedule Standings Player movement/team change tracking Scrim schedule (would love to see something where teams submit an intended scrim schedule to the Hive so people can plan to tune it. Right now I expect it is very ad hoc and announced via twitch and twitter) Anyways just wanted to stop by and say great work and keep it up
  8. On now. Been bouncing between TA D5 & D6 solo. Would love some reliable teammates. Mic still broken inv gt: ccanuck
  9. I am so tired of playing solo so I figured i would try this thread. Looking to play arena. Currently Diamond 4. Unfortunately i just discovered my mic doesn;t work ccanuck
  10. wow this thread is making me want to start playing again. I pretty well have stopped following big portions of the scene and do a little catch up every once and awhile. Mason Jumping, fast falling and slide boosting I just heard for the first time in this thread. Hope they don't get patched. I'll be trying them out soon for sure.
  11. I personally find the OP's ideas interesting and plausible. However, if 343 would just allow people to fall out of a division or start everyone at silver or gold or both I think the problem is solved. I personally would rather face a deranker than have unbalanced games. There has got to be a way to track a deranker from a statistical standpoint and ban them.
  12. What are we considering as a respectable division? I have a solo account I've been playing on and have been to TA D4 but now back to D2 after a bad losing streak. I am finding Diamond division very frustrating solo because there seems to be a large discrepancy in skill. I've been running into a lot of quitters as of Friday and Saturday (I didn't play yesterday)
  13. I was an onyx solo player during the beta and was thankful to not have to grind through other divisions to get there. I expect there would have been plenty of grinding as a solo player to get to semi-pro had I had the time to put into it during the beta
  14. It is one of those unpopular opinions I tend to hold onto: Forge and customs options is a double edged sword. It provides the opportunity to play the game they way you want but at the same time it can be a catalyst for division within the community. With the option to toggle spartan abilities off, especially sprint, that divide is going to be quick and wide. I am willing to bet there are going to be people playing no sprint, no abilities, BR starts custom games day one. The arguments will start to fly with in 24hrs It is going to be interesting for sure. It maybe the most heated discussions we seen ever in the franchise history
  15. I wish I would have saved myself the time and played that little. Granted I've probably only finished half my games due to quitters and the game crashing so I've probably played less in game time but at the cost of my sanity
  16. I am expecting that very few people can answer this with absolute certainty but I am open to hearing what other may have learned through various discussions, forums, streams etc. With different organization getting involved with Halo since the announcement of HCS and now with HWC I am curious about what the state of Halo and esports organizations is at right now? Questions: Contracts: Are players under contract? How binding are they? Are teams buying out players contracts when they move teams? Does anyone have "No Drop/No Trade" clauses yet? Do any of the contracts exclude individual player sponsorships? Do any contracts limit players to a playing Halo only? Salaries: Are any of the Halo teams getting a salary? or are teams covering tournament travel, accommodations, food only? Game houses: who is paying the mortgage/rent, utilities? Winnings: What percentage are players giving winnings over to the orgs? What is the industry standard? Stream revenue: Are players required to give a percentage of stream revenue to their org? Management: Roster changes seem to happen regularly still, are any of the orgs at point where they manage the roster and not the players? I am sure there are a bunch of more questions to ask but I'll leave it for now. I expect the answers will vary from org to org but I am curious to learn what the landscape looks like right now
  17. I prefer Reach's dirty/battle worn medals the most. So H3/HR medals have my vote any day of the week
  18. when the game works it is fun that is for sure http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/cCanuck/video/7490385
  19. how many still have their build crash? I my game crashes multiple times a night even after uninstalling/installing again
  20. Pretty simple solution: That person/map can't win
  21. I don't want to see another remake of existing maps; especially remakes/reimaginings of developer maps. My point with the thread was to see if the are some known and not well known forge maps that would be nice to see remade/reimagined by 343 with H5 in mind and all the art that goes with it. I am willing to bet there have been some decent forge maps that never saw the light of day in MM and others in MM that just performed poorly due to framerate issues and being bland. Having those maps "redone" by 343 maybe refreshing and not a strict remake or re-imagining of an existing map because they were likely not popular/known/played outside of certain communities (MLG or BTB for example) Someone had a great idea, imo, about having a forge contest in which the winning map was taken by 343 and given a full artist rendering and work up then placed into MM. If they were to guarantee for example X number of arena and BTB maps would get recreated and put into MM I can only imagine how that would reinvigorate the forge community.
  22. Jumps that are far enough that a require crouch will also be able to be made with clamber which will be introduce a small penalty due to the animation time and putting the gun down. However, jumps that require clamber to successfully make won't be able to be done by crouch jumping and the main reason why I believe clamper should not be a hold function in order to introduce some skill component. It will also be interesting to see how many intended clamber jumps can be done with sprint+jump+thruster thereby negating the clamber I hope there are at least some small setting differences for HCS and vanilla. Things like tap to clamber, no auto stabilize would not be so different that it will turn people off from competitive play. It would be akin to going from radar to no radar.
  23. not a straight up "port" but from a layout or concept perspective then reimagined. Maybe there are none out there but I wasn't much into forge to know what was available.
  24. It maybe too late to influence any of the DLC maps but I figured I would pose the question just in case its not. Which forge maps would you like to see 343 take and turn the concept into a "real" map? Nexus is one that comes to mind; if it had some tweaks. I am honestly drawing a blank on other maps at the moment
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