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  1. Really pumped up about the ce tourney! I’m an old school player who enjoys halo 1 and 2 more than halo 3, so ugc stepping up and including halo 1 for people like me is awesome. Especially with how much effort must go into setting something old school like that up..shout-out teapot, devil man and all the other old school guys for taking time out of their days to explain all the new nuances of halo 1!

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  2. I always have and always will remain adamant that H2 has by far the best MP in the franchise.


    But that comment about it not drawing H3's numbers is unfortunately completely true.


    Drawing a good crowd with a game that's good enough, but not perfect, is better than drawing a community on life support to a game that's excellent.


    Keeping the community active is what's most important right now, H3 simply does that job better than H2.

    good post
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  3. This is the end of year 3 of Halo 5 in a world where a free game has put up a $100 million prize pool across every platform known to man and the only player that tried to promote Halo through content is now making $10-20 million conservatively playing that game. There are only 8 players that are actually interesting to watch any more.

    so your a fort nite fan, don’t get what that has to do with lunchbox, and fort nite makes money so let’s not say it’s “free” like they are just throwing 100 mill at a game that makes them no money, and lunchbox was one of the main reasons I watch halo 5
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