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  1. Watching this call of duty stream anyone know how str8s team is looking
  2. Nice win for Eg....looks like all the haters will have to wait for the next pro league to watch them get relegated
  3. it's really not karmaand Walsh made a career out of that glitch...probably just easier to fix now
  4. it was the visa issue he was with noob goofy and Gabriel pre vegas last year...
  5. Eg actually looked pretty good tonight...last 2 games were horrible, but tapping buttons was probably the best player in the scrim tonight..
  6. Team looked good tonight glad to see eg looking at newer options, lunch's shot was awful tonight and they still kept games close
  7. I don't see the big deal if they are who we think they are, they should be fine...if not I'm sure all 4 players will get picked up
  8. man the legend lives? Bear still has the best halo 2 montage out there
  9. Thanks guys appreciate it, would like to see contra and noob get back into the proleague
  10. Can anyone please update me on any team changes or rumors? Been out of the liop for a couple days, thanks in advance
  11. Should be some really good team changes coming up...gonna be cool to see what eg does if they go in with ogre 2 and contra, either spylce or tmmt will have a bunch of talent to pick through along with ALG...huke and snipedown just need to team with roy and lunchbox..that would be a solid top 3 team..
  12. and funny stellur and e6 are teaming back up, naded is about to get sick of hearing spartan and dan talk
  13. man reading those pro choice awards from last year...best overall was lunchbox? lol who u got this year
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