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  1. Who does eg play tomorrow , the twins are gonna need a couple weeks to warm up
  2. that liquid has peaked as a team and no one higher than spartan wanted to join??
  3. Optic same, eg same,liquid-ace + claim/spartan, lg -ninja+rayne, ronin-spartan+sab, orgless same, spylce same, nv same
  4. Man rough month for ace, liquid would be smart to pick up spartan, I still would rather have cratos over baby j
  5. Moses wants to be like oriii so bad, it's becoming embarrassing
  6. Bones should have been disqualified, those last 5-6 shots were to the back of cormiers head
  7. PoopOnATurtle

    NBA Thread

    I still don't know what Boston is thinking, I'm still not convinced Gordon Hayward is better than Avery Bradley, they should have traded Thomas, as a pistons fan I'm glad it worked out the way it did
  8. also danoxide is out there, if he goes to lg in apgs place that would look nice...cratos, commonly, sab, apg
  9. I could see rayne going to eg or maybe lg with someone like saiyan going to eg to play with tapping, saiyan and tapping could be a really nasty dup
  10. eg is really close to being great again, dropped game 5s to spylce, liquid, and nv..really impressed with the way falcated and tapping buttons have progressed
  11. As a eg fan that was a rough pill to swallow, we got this tomorrow
  12. And that twitch chat got crazy, apg called out royal 2s girlfriend, royal 2 proceeded to call out apg for getting beat up by a car
  13. he got kicked out of the event because it was his room, others were doing the smoking though
  14. I think hcs will get it Together, halo 5 really isn't that bad, as long as they keep throwing money at it I'll watch, I feel like the hcs and bungie should delegate a little better, hopefully we see some of that with dreamhack
  15. I feel u man, make sure to check it out when it goes back to ww2 it may look a little better to you,
  16. so how many formats actually made the all star game, if your the games best, you would think u would make the all star team...0 formals made the game
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