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  1. Lunchbox or snakebite will have the highest kda this event, also lethul will prove he’s a top 10 halo 3 player this event, legend will win the halo 1, and str8 sick will win the ffa, those are my predictions, can’t wait to see some halo 3 lan shot registration
  2. Man ogre 1 and 2 have never lost a 2 vs 2... this shit is going to pretty epic...is ogre 1 going to be using the duke? Does anyone know where killer n is? Zyos? Darkman? Shizz?
  3. Really pumped up about the ce tourney! I’m an old school player who enjoys halo 1 and 2 more than halo 3, so ugc stepping up and including halo 1 for people like me is awesome. Especially with how much effort must go into setting something old school like that up..shout-out teapot, devil man and all the other old school guys for taking time out of their days to explain all the new nuances of halo 1!
  4. Strangepurp was good but u have 2pac ranked waaaaay to low, killer n too low....ogre 1 is the best halo player of all time, better than ogre 2 in halo 1 and 2, if u want to say ogre 2 is better because he played longer, I can get on board with that
  5. I agree that halo 3 has a bigger fan base, people who played it are just younger, but I’m going to disagree with the peak popularity argument...halo 2 has the million dollar contracts, the USA tv show, the doctor pepper bottles, the red bull sponsorship of Walshy, nba star sponsored teams, I think more people probably played halo 3, but it never got as big as halo 2
  6. Not gonna lie, when Roy got That double the jumped off the map, I got a half chub
  7. man kill3n was my guy, kill3ns kronies was the best h2 clan out there
  8. these teams are really close to the same placings as str8 and carbon during the height of that rivalry

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