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  1. GT: S9 THEORY I've been playing halo since h1. I'm 20 years old looking to find a team to compete in anything with, and to play arena with. I am (or was) onyx in every playlist except doubles. I am champion in swat pretty much every season I've played. If anyone is interested in attending the Santa Ana LAN in october I'm nearby and also looking to go. As far as days I can play, pretty much every day minus Mon/wed until 7 pm or so.
  2. I've only been onyx in arena/slayer/ffa and champ in SWAT, but if you want to form a team or find a to2 I'm down to join. I need to start playing more though so if you want to run some arena add me on xbox: S9 THEORY
  3. I've been in mid-low onyx in arena/slayer highest I've gotten was 2k in arena. I have some team experience but I've only played arena solo so the climb was hard. I've been champ in SWAT almost every season I've played so I have really good knowledge on spawns and power points. Since I mainly play solo my callouts aren't the best but I've been working on improving my communication.
  4. Name: Karlo Age: 20 GT: S9 THEORY Games Played: H1-H5 Area: Riverside Future Gaming Plans: Would like to get into competitive scene. LFT for Santa Ana LAN
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