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  1. It has just occurred to me that this trailer is basically aping from Infinity Wars trailers where the Guardians discover Thor. Now I'm mildly peeved at yet another instance of 343 directly pinching marketing ideas from marvel movies.
  2. Ok but *nothing*? Not even a vertical slice that gives players basic impression of your game: it's gameplay, it's music, it's world? I dunno, it stinks of deliberately hiding the gameplay because its: A) It's advanced mobility/sprint and they know it will split the community a year and a half from launch. B) it's classic gameplay and their worried it will upset advanced mobility fans a year and a half from launch. (Fat chance but it would be a pleasant surprise) C) They still have little idea what it's gonna play like yet a year and a half from launch.
  3. Not the topic but plz don't delete Try not to be shocked but someone at 343 and the Discord Mods have been abusing their power and banning a few discord users when they got proven wrong about CE original using the havok engine and they wouldn't just admit they were wrong Link:
  4. Oh I'm moving on big time, you may have heard i dunno. Speak to you sometime.
  5. That GDC talk is the epitome of pain. My personal favourite part is when they say they cut double jump for breaking Halo even though in theory double jump is the least detrimental ability they came up with that they could add to Halo if done correctly.
  6. I don't disagree with any of that, I just think its important to be thorough with criticisms. Any idiot can read it and go "blah blah blah, this is why you are wrong, blah blah blah" even when you are correct but you made the point poorly.
  7. I'm not saying the maps are competitively viable, nor am I saying the opposite. I'm just pointing out that your given reasoning, besides Snowbound shields, had nothing to do with the level design itself. You could put Reg... Invincibility Field on any map in any Halo game and it would lead to demonstrably dumb, unbalanced or otherwise broken encounters. My point is, when criticising the Level Design, it would be best to use reasoning that actually pertains to the Level Design in question and not the easily interchangable map picks and their poor location on the map in question.
  8. I mean, what you described is an issue with the map pick ups not the maps themselves. Except the Snowbound shields.
  9. Im sure somebody at 343 thought the same thing about advanced mobility. Maybe it's a Halo game focusing on battlefield sized matches but in the style of traditional BTB. But I doubt it.
  10. Yeah. I edited my post because I didn't really do justice to the whole situation from Marty's perspective.
  11. If you haven't already heard: Music of the Spheres, which is both the "musical prequel" and the full soundtrack to Destiny we were supposed to get, composed and ordered by Marty and Michael who both consider this their finest work, has finally leaked after 5 years of Activision and Bungie refusing to release it out of NOTHING but spite. This is the Music Activision removed from the very first E3 trailer. This removal was when Marty had finally had enough of Bungie bowing to Activision's every whim. This is the music that ultimately led to Marty being fired as he fought for Bungie's artistic integrity. EDIT: Credit for leak goes to Reddit users OS_Epsilon, Tlohtzin123 and the anonymous holder of one of 100 CDs given to Marty's family and friends. Marty himself expressed in a tweet that he finally was able to tell his 93 yo father this Christmas, who has heard it and had always wanted the music to be public, that this was now the case. In a email to Kotaku he also expressed that his mother who had passed a few years prior and who was also a musician, never understood why it wasn't released to begin with. This isn't just a great moment for gamers, this an amazing moment for Marty and his family. Please enjoy this small but amazing piece of the the Destiny we could and should have experienced. https://youtu.be/WYz3tQb77y4
  12. Watch his arguments with Favyn if you wanna waste some time and some braincells when you are short on cash.
  13. I don't know what is worse, xGLLx videos or the comments on his videos. Him and his entire fanbase are the comical stereotype of a "343 hater" that just hurt the community as they spout incoherent and illogical misinformation due to a total lack of understanding of what they are outraged about.
  14. That's not what I took from that piece at all and I agree with everything he says. The AI in games like Destiny and Warframe are boring because they are easy to kill, not becuase they are literally stupid (which to be fair was poor wording on my part). If I compare Destiny AI to Halo AI, I can think of plenty of similarities in their flanking and behaviour. The issue with Destiny (and Warframe) AI is that they aren't a threat. They are almost all trash tier mobs (grunts/jackals) that die quickly, move sluggishly and kill you slowly. Destiny and Warframe are like playing a prequel movie where the Jedi are invincible gods against machines *designed specifically for combat*. I never feel in danger so the combat is without weight. It's hard to buy that the Vex are super powerful when I can take on 20 at time and not even struggle. I'm not asking for super tactical AI that have the the art of war and decades of combat experiance programmed into them, I'm asking for AI that can do more than tickle me. Instead of 20 sluggish Vex that individually tickle me, give me 10 somewhat evasive Vex who can actually kill me 1 on 1 so I have to pick my battles. Give them slower projectiles that I can dodge. MAKE ME FEEL ENGAGED IN THE COMBAT. 20 grunts on easy Vs 10 skirmishers on heroic, what would be more engaging to play against? I think it's a simple answer. Furthermore, what Halo (and Borderlands) got right was the variety. you have the sluggish fodder in grunts, the evasive fodder (skirmishers/drones/jackals), the "tanks" (Hunters, Cheiftans, Generals), the jack of all trades (Elites/Brutes) and so on. On top of that, different enemy ranks have different abilities and evasive levels. Destiny and Warframe mostly have grunts, grunts with more health then grunts with even more health and a shield.
  15. "The abilities change the game but you gotta adapt" Spoken by people that the game changed for because they couldn't adapt. https://goo.gl/images/DUM7K8
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