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  1. GT: Mister Phobia Onyx 2000+ in arena but always solo queuing. ready to try harder :P
  2. Hi guys, my GamerTag is Mister Phobia and my name is Yannick. I live in Canada and I'm French native but speak fluent English. I've been playing Halo since I was 8 years old and I'm currently 22. My friends always tell me I have the skills to compete in this game but never took it seriously. With halo 5 growing and me being top 1-5% in each season without playing with a team(always solo queing) or even trying(playing around 100 matches in team arena a month), i think it's time for me to find a team and try to compete at this game. Anyway, if you want to play or try me out just send me a message! -Mister Phobia
  3. Gatineau , QC GT: Mister Phobia Language : French, English always in top 1-3% without trying and solo queuing. Looking to compete add me
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