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  1. To touch on the whole subject behind Population vs AM players having something to work for, I believe that Halo 5 is a decent game that could be better. I think there are a lot of contributing factors to low player base. My personal opinion makes me feel as if the game is trying too hard to be similar to other games and moving more and more away from the halo that had everyone hooked initially. I'd be interesting to see some actual opinions from people who picked up H5 and quickly moved back to COD, Destiny, LOL, etc. I do however feel that there is a good enough base to see better turnouts for events if they are geographically located closer to people who are within driving distance. If you look at the start of H2A, we saw over 150 teams sign up for initial tournaments while the game was still malfunctioning. I think H2A had a real shot to bring back a solid player base with the idea if it had just worked out of the box without any issues. Move onto H5, I feel that again the population of players playing competitively has dropped since the initial release based on factors such as matchmaking being unfulfilling, radar, autos, etc. There is only so much a community can do to foster competitive growth, but a lot of it stems from creating a game that puts out a functioning game that is fun, challenging, and keeps players coming back from the start. You have to build something that gets people to comeback and not consider leaving for other competitive titles. There isn't much ESA can do about population as this idea was destined to not have a huge turnout from the start, but the small things within the event could definitely be improved on. Hopefully today gets better, and I'll continue watching to hopefully see solid competition either way.
  2. Cloud might be the player they need. Just think of the BtH ties. 2007 - Cloud was on OG BtH all the way up to 11th at Vegas. 2009 - Cloud teams with Maniac after releasing Clutch for 9th at Dallas. 2011 - Cloud rejoins with Maniac and APG to take 3rd at Dallas. 2012-2013 - Cloud and Maniac Duo through Reach and H4. 2016 - Cloud rejoins with Maniac to Duo for Pro League??? Or.... They might just keep 8th.
  3. 07 H2 through 2009 H3 were really the golden years. Way ahead of the times too. Part of me hopes to see Halo make it back, but another part of me doesn't see the possibility with the misses lately.
  4. I remember matching that 4 of a Kind roster in GB and barely winning the series 2-1 and I thought Aye Rab was definitely the best on the team. Would be interesting to see everyone now if H3 levels of competition and involvement were still going on today.
  5. The more you think about it, the more each region had it's own warrior playlist kids who all played together. Florida (Too many to name) Texas (Zildjian and friends) Georgia (Ali and all of Echelon drove me insane until I stood behind them while they got LBR2 at Dallas) Michigan (Lethul, Ulrich, etc) Cali Life was tough here in Indiana... haha
  6. Phaint. A lot of these people were on the same teams together which made it even worse. I had trouble with a lot of the NY scene too. Element, Jordan, etc. I love H3.
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