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  1. Hey folks, I am the team captain of the Columbus, OH team for an organization called Pro Battle League @PBLHalo. The goal of PBL is to bring competitive Halo 5 gameplay to regional teams throughout the US. We currently have weekly scrims between teams on Tuesdays and Sundays that are streamed on their Twitch. GH057ayame has casted for us in the past during monthly tournaments that take place at Microsoft stores. If you are interested in playing for the Columbus team (or really any nearby Ohio players in general willing to travel to Columbus), please hit me up via Twitter or a Live message using my buttons below my polar bear. We have our next event scheduled on August 7th at the Easton Town Center MS store. It'll be 12 pm to 6 pm. It'll be a way to get to know local players who are passionate about competitive Halo. Xbones and Gaems equipment will be provided. You may bring your own controller and headset (probably recommended). In the future, we'll have a roster of multiple local players who can join in on scrims and tournaments that play against players all over the country. Thanks for reading. Take care!

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