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  1. Does anyone know if single day tickets will be sold at the door? I live south of Seattle and was hoping to come up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but life/work obligations getting in the way. Hoping to make it up for a bit Saturday or Sunday. Will be my first ever Halo event!
  2. Congrats on all the karma you are about to recieve on Reddit.
  3. For craft beer fans, some must visits: Holy Mountain Reuben's Brews Cloudburst Lots of other great places, but those are all top tier. Also a big fan of Machine House for a unique experience (all traditional English cask beer).
  4. I realize they said no more skins, but some MLG throwback skins would sell like crazy. I also think getting an HWC 2018 armor with the new logo is really not too much to ask. (really we should be getting team armor skins, but I recognize there is a 0% chance of that happening) If they do it, I just hope they stick it on armor that is not terrible.
  5. Finals in Seattle! Looks like I am going to my first ever Halo event! Finally time to go Premium to celebrate!
  6. When I first saw the tweet that they were giving the loot crate skin to people that attended Dreamhack I thought "Cool. That is a nice little incentive since I have heard pros talk on stream about wanting to get their hands on that skin. Not nearly as cool as an event specific skin or more pro skins would be, but it is something." Now though that they have made it available to everyone for $10 or 80k req points, it is a slap in the face not only to people that bought the loot crate but to the people that attended DH ATL. I guarantee every single person at the event has the req points to get the skins, so 343 gave them nothing essentially. Good work 343, really covered your bases making sure to disrespect both esports and casual fans.
  7. I first encountered him streaming Halo 5...good for him that he moved on, hard to imagine him jumping on H5 now
  8. Dang, Gears esports not messing around. Safe to say their code of conduct is not "a living document". https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/gpc-s1-code-of-conduct
  9. My bad, and once again, love you guys, did not mean any offense. Shows how closely I follow the COD scene, I did not realize Scump is a paid content creator. The obvious conclusion is that Hecz should invest in making TJ a content creator
  10. I think the biggest issue we have right now with growing the scene (ignoring anything gameplay related since pros have no control over that), is the severe lack of content from Halo pros. While I prefer gameplay related content (such as content Vetoed puts out), I think it is important if we want the scene to grow that pros put out a variety of content to build their brand and take advantage of the notoriety their org can help bring. I am not saying it is a pros job to create content, and I don't want to pick on anyone, but lets look at an example. I think it is fair to say that Lethul is one of the most high profile pros currently in pro league... Here is his youtube channel currently: https://www.youtube.com/user/lxthul/ Now lets compare to Scump: https://www.youtube.com/user/Scumperjumper Both from the same org, so in theory the ability to reach out to a similar pool of fans...who does it look like is trying to build their brand and interest for their scene? I mean, TJ has not even updated his banner to reflect being on OpTic, it is all still CLG branding. I am worried by using TJ as an example that he is going to come in here and destroy me, but I could have pointed to just about any pro's youtube page and seen the same sort of content wasteland. Unless I am missing something, it seems Towey is the only person even adjacent to pro Halo that is currently putting out regular quality content. (my apologies if I am missing some pro that has been on the content grind lately). I do want to point out that 343/ESL is guilty of all of this as well. All that being said...I think Dreamhack will be a great opportunity for Halo pros to do VLOGs and other content to help try to bring exposure to themselves and to the Halo scene. There will be lots of other pros there from other more popular scenes, and lots of opportunities for promotion. I am not usually big on watching VLOGs, but I would love to see behind the scenes of Dreamhack and live vicariously through the pros since I can't be there.
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