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  1. Played the beta quite a bit, it was OK. The engine has some beautiful graphics, and I think the sound is also really well done. My problem with Battlefield has always stemmed from these large ass battles, 32 v 32. You really have to hope your team mates aren't idiots, or you're going to lose badly. Prime example is the tanks in this game, requiring at least 3 people to drive and at least mount the two side cannons. I drove around for 5 minutes in front of team mates hoping one of them would hop in, and couldn't get anybody to gun. I then promptly got destroyed by the opposing tank and we proceeded to get steam rolled for the rest of the match.
  2. For sure. When a top of the line PC with this generations newest cards still struggle at 4k/60 FPS, I have serious doubts about a console achieving that bench mark.
  3. I'm interested in a Scorpio, but I'll wait for: 1) Price 2) Actual performance 3) Dev support I'll also have to buy a 4K TV, so it's a large investment. Want to make sure it's worth it first.
  4. I've had it not only fuck up the party app, but also whatever process controls audio input. Had a couple of times where it blew up party chat, then tried to switch over to Skype only to have that app not even detect my microphone or kinect microphone. Giant waste of time. I can't believe they bundle this broken ass product with the new slim.
  5. Only has ever happened when I we play MCC. No real other issues with it. It's the least of my MCC problems at this point anyway, I guess.
  6. Does anyone play this game with a party still? Recently tried with a few buds. We got through 2 games before party chat blew up and stopped allowing us to communicate. Had to hard reboot my XBONE. It's only ever happened when we play MCC
  7. 1. Do you have a source on this? Everything I have read has pointed to Bounty Hunt being the only mode with AI in the game. I would like to be wrong here. 2. Yes, did you not understand my point? The AI "faction" in Bounty Hunt is hunted by both teams. 3. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. You like the large snowball effects of this? With Titan drops tied to points, an early lead can decide the game. 4. For the swing action I can see it, but I'm talking more about the blank open portions of the map. Again just begging the question, "why?" Homestead especially. 5. I'd argue the first was already well balanced in this regard, and gave you a chance to outplay someone if you had just gotten out of a fight and were reloading your primary. Now you just take a death. 6. Not a change for the better, IMO. Especially now that Titans don't have shields. Something they specifically added for Titans in the first game to address this issue, check this vid:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBNf2CHRQ8E&feature=youtu.be&t=30m8s 7. The extra points are always well worth it. 8. This I will agree with. While it is still a strong weapon, after more experimentation the hip fire SMG's are also back to TF1 levels of greatness. 9. OK, let's say that it's not. Gearing your titan to be anti-titan, anti-pilot, or a strange mix added to the game. Forcing weapon use onto a specific chassis was not the way to go. Limits player choice 10. In what ways do you find it to be superior? The first had a better risk v. reward and was a bit deeper than just hopping on. Guns affected brain case damage, you could do satchel setups, stim at the perfect time and get through an electric smoke, etc. Defending pilots could also hop out and actually kill you before you did damage, and even use cluster defensively (at the expense of shields/health) Now there is no reason to leave your Titan. Electric smoke if its up, otherwise just stay in and try to kill the pilot after he jumps off with your battery. He can't do any additional damage. To make it seem like I'm not some bitter angry TF1 nerd ( I am ) I will say some things I do enjoy about TF2: -The slide feels good and natural, I like how your gun stays up. Can pull some great moves with it. -SMG hip fire feels good too -Hit detection seems to be a lot better than the original, less lagging hitboxes. -The network/lobby system is great -I like the art direction on some of the models, with some pilots essentially being robots with a brain case (ala GitS) One thing that I also miss from the first is that the game never pulled you out of first person. I remember the first time I got my neck snapped, ripped out of my titan, etc. Was pretty damn entertaining. **EDIT** Also, how does everyone feel about the game modes? I played CTF, Hard Point, and LTS mostly in the original, usually just did Attrition to warm up. I'm not a huge fan of having to "cash in" in BH. Kills game play flow. Pilot Hunter is still Pilot Hunter. Good game mode to get your straight PvP on.
  8. After being excited all day at work yesterday to play the tech test, I am thoroughly disappointed. -Where is the AI? -Why in Bounty Hunt are there just two general drop zones for both teams to shoot? What happened to the factions of the first game? -In the aforementioned mode, hope your team has titans or you're in for getting steam rolled while the opposing team farms the two points unopposed. -Why is there so much open space when a defining feature of the first was the smooth parkour system? -Why can't I have a side arm and anti-titan weapon? -Why do these new titans feel like slow trash cans? Titans in TF1 felt like extension of your pilot, they reacted well but still had weight. This feels like I'm walking a brick. There is no outplaying your opponents in a titan now, if you meet it's just a slug fest -Why would you make hardpoint more about camping points than movement and constant capping? -After tuning the R101C in the first game well, they apparently forgot about the balance work they did. This gun once again just dominates. -Non customizable titans is a bad decision. I feel like this was a bleed through from the single player campaign where your Titan has a "Personality". -The new rodeo mechanic is stupid. Are these even the same developers? I put a huge amount of time into TF1, I'm pretty shocked the way this game has turned out. At least Respawn saved me 60 bucks I guess. Edit: Thought of more
  9. I get that people get worn out on H3, but at this point I'm so eager to just play a halo without spartan abilities and other crap I don't even care what players choose in MCC. "Halo 3 AR starts for the 50th time? This is fine!"
  10. Here I was thinking the patch that was all hyped up was actually going to fix the game. On a side note, I used to play a shit ton of CE on the OG Xbox with friends. I remember being able to 3 shot my friends no problem. I know MCC is based off the PC port (which I never played), but I cannot reliably use the pistol in MCC H:CE. Am I just rusty, was the PC pistol garbage, or is the net code just garbage?
  11. Gaming right now is an interesting place. I grew up playing consoles and PC games, and one thing that really stands out to me is how much they are practically the same now, everything feels so homogenized. Back in the 90's to the 00's I feel like PC gaming used to be really unique. Old RPG's (BG 1+2, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Original Fallouts), Point and Click Adventure Games, the best FPS's, Strategy games (Starcraft, Total Annihilation, Civ, Heroes of Might and Magic, Syndicate, Command and Conquer), ARPG's, and all of these games felt different back then, even games in the same genre. I feel like smaller studios are starting to bring back some of these types of games though, some off the top of my head that I've enjoyed because they were so different have been: Shadowrun Dead Man's Switch, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong EYE: Divine Cybermancy (Really trippy shooter) Satellite Reign Neon Chrome Space Hulk Ascension I guess my point is play older/small studio PC games. Avoid the Triple A hype trains for a bit.
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