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  1. I played the hell outta MLG for my 50...lost it I don't know how many times then got it back. It was all about teamwork as H5 is and due to the fact I rarely play sweaty with callouts ect (more casual these days) I don't normally play with a team. Back then I would be on with my team everyday sweating my arse off. Work kills me these days so I haven't always got the energy to be all sweaty
  2. I had a 50 in all the 'core' games then if that makes sense? Lone wolves, slayer... MLG ect. I've only just returned to H5 after I don't know how many months off due to work. How it ranks you now is based on your previous ranking too so someone that didn't place last season will have a harder job than someone that already placed Onyx last season. I came up with a guy a couple of days ago that was a higher rank than me with a much lower KDA and a lower win rate with only one game played difference. I have to be a troll because work has prevented me from playing for a few months? Don't see how that works but ok. I already explained what I meant when I said about adjusting/adapting and I already said I should have worded it different. I meant in the sense of coping or dealing with change. In game or in RL some people don't mind change and others do. I'm a onyx level player...no more... no less but because I have a plat in slayer for instance (with a good win rate and good KDA... with a KD above 2 and I don't play with a team) it means what exactly? You know how many pros have a champ but the rest of their playlists are all onyx? Would you class them champ or onyx? These rankings are based heavily on time put into each season so my bad for not getting champ. Apart from the boosting and buying 50s H3 was much better for showing your true skill and I had multiple 50s. H2 I was only a 39 but that was even harder due to all the modders and people that used to standby. Either way I have played the Halo series a hell of a lot and I'm glad I didn't just buy a remake of a past game.
  3. I will have to try them out. Where can I get the settings to bookmark them?
  4. Please find the quote where I said I have been playing longer because I'm pretty sure I said nobody here has played for more years than me... meaning I've been playing this game just as long as anyone else. Thought that was pretty obvious but ok. In terms of adjusting your right I should have used a different word as I meant basically that i'm ok with change whereas some people can't deal with change. Again I haven't said I'm more experienced I simply said I have played the halo games for a stupid amount of time but by all means... quote me. Can't remember saying i'm better than you guys either. Don't feel like only the top 100 in champion are any good but that's your opinion. I'm not claiming to be the best player on the forum nor have I ever said anything close to that but you trying to put me down about my old and current ranks by trying to guess plat and 'boosted' 50s is ridiculous. I had a 50 in every playlist on H3 as did many other people. I'm only Onyx on this game yeah... what's your point? I didn't say I was better than you guys so your post is just a long ass post of absolute trash
  5. If the health has been increased does that mean it takes more than 5 shots with the magnum? Or more than 4 with the BR ect? Or have the settings been changed for the weapons too? Where can I find these settings? (sorry if someone has already told me).
  6. Watched a lot of people stream it and that's what put me off. Really didn't like them. I won't have seen them all though so i'm sure there are some decent ones out there.
  7. This isn't me being a dick before people kick off... this is me asking because I haven't played these new/old settings on H5... If the speed is as high as sprinting all the time does that have a massive impact on say strafing I guess? Does it still work with that side of things?
  8. Your right yeah I totally agree. I've played some decent forge maps in the past. Yet to play a good one on H5 though unfortunately
  9. Have you seen 99.9% of the crap that comes out of forge? It's not the tools people have but the crap some people 'create'.
  10. So if we get rid of sprint we need a whole new set of maps for it to work how it should? Don't mention the forge maps because they suck.
  11. So without sprint you can get from one side of the map to the other in the same amount of time as I could using sprint? No so it's slower
  12. So making it slower for everyone works better...for you... right?
  13. Companies have to make changes in order to 'keep up the the times'. I wouldn't say no to the amount of money made off of these last 3 games. They must be doing something right. The people making all this money must be wrong though because we have been playing these games for years so we know best right? I fear the answer to this question but would you rather buy a 'new' game with all the same settings ect but just with better graphics or actually buy a new game? It's funny as hell because in 10 years time when there is even more new actions added to games people will be demanding that they have the good old sprint back.
  14. You don't HAVE to sprint. Use it if you want to. I miss the good old btb days on halo 3 where I would spawn and it would take me all day to get to where the action is. Hell even on the smaller maps it takes ages.
  15. I care about the future of halo. None of you have played the game for more years than me as a lot of us have played since day one. I have played it for a stupid amount of time and want to continue doing so as do you but I don't see why sprint (for instance) has a negative impact on the game. I don't like everything that changes but some changes are good and too many people (I'm not necessarily saying you) don't want any change at all and how is that going to sell games? Sales are dropping as people that played all them years ago have no time anymore and as the younger generation has a daft amount of games to choose from.
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