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  1. GT: Kyphitz Arena/Octagon mainly, but down for any matchmaking. Central Timezone (Texas) Currently unranked in everything. I do his weird thing, were I quit halo for a few months, play other games, and come back home to Halo. <3 Generally end 1800-2200 in arena, mainly searching solo. Trying to get my shot back. I'm pretty good at knowing timers for power ups, most people I play with go full ****** and forget them. Just hit me up to run games!
  2. Cody


    Going to be out first round!
  3. Looking for a team for future open LAN events. Wont be able to participate in anything this year, unless it's local. Got a lot of stuff going on until New Years. Gives us time to mesh and practice. I've been playing since Halo 2, with tournament experience, including MLG. I live in Austin, Texas, so as I said, I'm down for anything local around here. 2200 Arena experience searching solo. Rank 1 Sniper champion. GT: Kyphitz Currently playing on my smurf: Kyphster until I get back into halo a bit, just started up again.
  4. Playing again! 2200 arena experience, currently 1650 on smurf. Looking for more to smash some arena. GT: Kyphitz Smurf: Kyphster (add me on here!)
  5. Live right outside Austin. Sent you a message on XBL. GT: Kyphitz
  6. Bump, still looking! Ran with a team for the past month, but the chemistry wasn't there, and some players just didn't have the ability to slay and win 1v1s. I felt I could do better, and didn't want time wasted on either side. GT: Kyphitz
  7. Off work this weekend, down to play anything, but mainly Arena. Hovering around Onyx 1700 in Arena with teamates with no mics constantly. Hit me up! Will be on for just about all sunday! GT: Kyphitz
  8. On every evening, down for anything but mainly arena. Please be onyx atleast and have mic! GT: Kyphitz
  9. Hey guys. I'm looking for a team for just about anything and everything. Wanting to do GBs, Scrims, ESL cups, HCS season, grind arena, everything. GT: Kyphitz Age: 22 Live in Austin, Texas I'm on everyday in the afternoon after work, generally 5pm-2am+ Central everyday. I haven't played much in Jan, or Feb, but I did grind out the preseason. Highest I have been is 1900 in Arena, searching solo. (currently 1900 again,) I've been to MLG Dallas 2008, and MLG Dallas 2012, and loads of local trash tournaments (Gamestop, etc) I have been playing Halo since Halo CE release, and have loads of online experience. With all this said, I have no ego, and I take advice pretty well, and im learning and grinding everyday. Although its hard when searching alone. It really sucks when you're the only one calling out and timing powerups. Message me on XBL! or @Kyphitz Thanks
  10. Need more for shotty snipes. Went from champion 4 to 80 because of searching alone. Be high onyx - champion GT: Kyphitz
  11. Bump still looking. Will be playing Snipers/shottys all weekend. Dropping 20 kills a game.
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