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  1. That is the flippin point man, it's a PISTOL ! If you alter it to be as effective Rifles what is the point of them ? With the current pistol, you can if skilful + lucky still challenge rifles but yeah they have the upper hand BECUASE they are rifles.
  2. Team of 3 currently LF1, to compete in Open circuit. We are called Vivify eSports and are currently looking for a 4th. We are a chill lot but love playing competitively. The traits we are looking for in a potentail 4th would be the following : • Communication, not just callouts (i.e small talk) • Ability to play preferably most days of the week (for unsaid nr of hours, normally between 2-3 on a standard day) • Willing to spend time working on potential issues (gameplay wise) • Don't be an ass • Don't suck
  3. Suber kuul video games !
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