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  1. I completely agree. It was a great game but everytime I get on now I am just so frustrated and I'm thinking "Has it always been like this? Surely I wouldn't have wasted my time if it was." The way the shooting works and the constant horrible connections, I will stick to H4 for now.
  2. I certainly hope this is true. I will buy one regardless but I'd really like to be able to play Halo 4 once this console comes out, without having to hold onto my 360.
  3. Not a fan of Dispatch or Adrift. As far as things that probably can't be addressed, inability to drop flag and the descope issue.
  4. talbert

    NBA Thread

    It was a clutch shot by Parker for sure. Chris Bosh should take notes.
  5. I voted yes but Saucey has a fairly sound argument so I understand if there isn't a media section for a while, or ever. There would need to be loads of worthwhile content in the media section for people to actually take the time and populate and participate in the forum, so it is probably best to let the site grow before throwing up tons of stagnant sections when the few people who would actually visit would have a much better time in GD or other areas. Wouldn't mind seeing a place for graphics request, team logos and avatars, etc. just like the MLG days!
  6. talbert

    NBA Thread

    That's what it is going to take for the Heat to win!
  7. No Reality Check love in the Top 5? It is pretty hard to argue against those teams in the Top 5 though.
  8. talbert

    NBA Thread

    Heat Lebron in 6. Wouldn't mind Danny Green going ham though, and always been a Tim Duncan fan.
  9. GT is taibert I am in Salisbury which is like 25 minutes north of Charlotte.
  10. I definitely would like for them to eliminate join in progress, and it would be cool if the flag indicator was turned off while it was being carried, as others have already mentioned in this thread.
  11. A lot of these have been said but Raleigh, Boston, Philly, Atlanta, Washington DC, Orlando.
  12. What's up guys Talbert here trying to get a feel for the new site but I am defintely loving what I have seen so far. This site is definitely another step in the right direction to not only maintain the current state of competitive halo but to help it continue to grow and I think everyone is eternally grateful for the team here at BE and the other "bigger names" in the competitive scene for their dedication and efforts to keep this community afloat. I got involved with competitive halo in late 2006 and my first event was the opener in Charlotte in 2007. I have been to four or five total and my last event was MLG Columbus 2011. I still play a fair amount now but nothing like I used to. I still watch all the event streams, various player streams on twitch, and all the updates on Saucey and Gandhi's YouTube channels as well as a few other people from time to time. My gamertag and twitter are located in my signature so if you want feel free to follow and I will follow back. I look forward to interacting with all you familiar faces and new ones as well throughout the forums and other social media outlets.
  13. Friends list FTW. It would definitely be a cool feature to implement.
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