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  1. GT: IsoBATMAN several tournament event exp, am a well known online warrior making the sweat. Rank 2300+ Onyx in everything just started grinding again.
  2. Have several tournament event experiences. Am Rank 2300 Onyx in team arena was Champ 180 but stopped grinding for a bit. Rank 2400 in FFA. Looking for sponsors or org teams preferred.
  3. Nah i dont have twitter but i got a facebook, youtube, and twitch. I can get twitter if needed.
  4. Im a very versatile player, im onyx 2200 in team arena and onyx 2050 in slayer. I have had rough luck with putting together a team so definitely interested in joining one.
  5. I need 1 more for my team if you wanna run some try out games we will be on tonight. My GT is IsoBATMAN.
  6. Hey man im very interested and im 2150 Onyx in Team Arena with a 5.3 KDA. My GT is IsoBATMAN
  7. All around player aggressive, i like pushing the opportunity and keeping pressure. Can slow down and i know spawns pretty well. Ive recently competed in the online qualifiers and weekly tourneys here and there. Played lots of doubles tournaments back in halo 2. Trying to get back in to the competitive scene. Would love to try out with any team.
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