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  1. Got excited you were talking about me for a split second. Denied.
  2. So someone asked where @Jakerdot is and I haven't been arsed to quote it but, I'd like him to know that he's been missed. My personal favourite is the one about his gf (the server at Wendy's) where he signed out as OreoCheezequakerdot. Funnily enough I actually read that post out to my girlfriend (didn't get it, noob) and to a couple of mates. Speaking of the girlfriend, a couple of years ago my girlfriend caught me watching a halo tournament for the first time. Not something I had hidden from her, but she hadn't actually 'seent' it with her own eys. Anyway, the first thing she noticed was the chairs and asked wtf they were sitting on. I explained (and I may well haave been wrong) that I thought they were called DX Racers and the idea behing them was that they were comfortable and breathable. To this she replied 'The only thing those polyester piece's of shit breathe more than is their girlfriends.' Still keepin the dream alive and will be tuned in as much as Australian Eastern Standard Time allows. Can't fuckin wait, all you c$%&ts are rad.
  3. Where you from? Shekkles is from Aus like me and when he says grind he means it.... Getting a 45 in Lone Wolves was brutal. When you have yellow bar every single game and an automatic loss on swords it makes it pretty tricky / frustrating. So keen for some halo 3 but don't have an XBone so probably going to just hold out for Infinite and see what the lay of the land looks like. Unrelated but @@Teapot, I'm part of one other gaming community (Red Alert 2, tragic) and I was just talking to a mate the other day who reckons he's integral in the running of and maybe even the creation of Beach Lan. His name is Frank, is there a Frank in the scene?
  4. Upvoted for Always Sunny quote. Some Chardeemacdennis rules should definitely be used to spice up the next season of HCS.
  5. You think you've got it bad? Us Aussies have to wait an extra 17 hours for it!
  6. Cratos was in the twitch chat earlier... Now Stellur is crook? Get ya pitchforks out.
  7. I’m very late to the party on the subject of twitch ‘donations’ but hey, I’m from Australia and it all happened over night so I’m kind of still on topic. Can’t believe that not a single person pointed out that calling thwm ‘Donations’ is a bit fucking rich. Call it a ‘Tip’ and we might have avoided a whole heap of pointless back and forth in here earlier. However calling it a tip instead of a donation probably won’t have all the little kids hasseling their parents for the chance to ‘donate’.
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