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  1. Is there a place that I can easily find out the results of last night's pro league matches? Thanks!
  2. Dude we get it, you like math and you deal with it for a living. You've taken probably the most boring topic I've seen brought up in these forums and mercilessly beat it into the ground. I will now commend you with a standing ovation.
  3. Edit: Last paragraph ended up in your post somehow.. Lol sorry. Last paragraph are my words
  4. You do realize that sports analysts are actually paid to project hypotheticals and events that haven't happened yet right? If you're a fantasy sports fan then I encourage you to watch the fantasy segment Sunday mornings on ESPN The point is that you can absolutely argue hypotheticals because that's what we do in a competitive scene. It's a lot of fun to use factual information to predict what might happen. And like a said, people like Matthew Berry get paid a lot of money to do it. Yeah it absolutely can't be proven, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to debate it...
  5. What we can agree on is that more people seem to be disagreeing with you
  6. I actually called it nublet transparency I think I matched with you on my team last night too. Eden strongholds. I went off lol.
  7. I honestly love the idea of the adult league and restricting by age as I am 30 years old and lets face it, being this age means I have far less free time than even a 21 year old. But like you said I just don't see how you could restrict players using age. If I had the time to grind like I did when I was 21 I wouldn't care. But I'm lucky to play a couple times a week now. League like this would be perfect for me.
  8. If we are going to talk tv shows, it's always sunny is right up there I don't know if anyone has heard of an HBO show called Eastbound and Down, but also hilarious Edit: I love how there were a few Eastbound and Down posts right before mine lol. Great show.
  9. when you say 2.5 and 2.5 what sens are you playing on and whats your accel? I'm just used to seeing 3-4, 3-5... Haven't messed with the new horiz or vert that much.
  10. Alright guys probably about time we get back on track here I'm curious as to how snipedown is meshing with his 3 new teammates. How did everyone look in that scrim last night? Any standout performances?
  11. Honestly if it were to be my decision, coaches are fine but they shouldn't be able to communicate weapon and powerup times in game. Players should have to be held accountable for that. After all, isn't in game awareness something that helps separate good players from average players?
  12. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily doubting the role as I can certainly see the value in having coaches I just think it would add an element of skill that pro players should have to be held accountable for. Having to time weapons and powerups in game can further separate top tier teams from the average ones.
  13. Has this been lately that you've been watching him? He was killing it for Allegiance for a period of time. I think he had one of the highest kda's for one of the tournaments and scored very high on that fantasyhcs thing. I don't remember the details but I remember people saying he might be one of the best players in the league after that tournament. I'd be surprised if he's dropped this drastically since.
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