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  1. I kind of agree with his stance in the sense where if you have a voice, it is kind of your responsibility to use it properly. These pro-players and influencers who garner a lot of views and impressions should be part of the solution and not just pointing out the problem. I think if you're a "heavy player" you need to come from a place of compromise and be more level-headed and less heavy-handed with your opinions, or you might cause more problems than you fix. If that makes sense.
  2. I understand Royal 2, LethuL and SnakeBite's extended success in H2A and H5. .....2Gre is still the GOAT to me.
  3. They are competing under the team name Infinite. Shotzzy, Bubu, Falcated, Tusk
  4. I think everyone realizes how much MLG loved (and still loves) Halo. Halo was really the first game that put MLG on the map. Halo put e-sports on the map IMO. MLG was very good at working with what they had when it came to the Halo franchise. Obviously, people are more familiar with the tweaking that took place in games from H3 and onward (Forge and the ability to customize maps/games a little more), but it wasn't like they used H2's default settings. Things like removing Radar, removing the plasma pistol on some maps (the tracking on that thing in H2 was something else). Even something like making CTF games 30 minutes in H2 and H3 because Overtime wasn't a thing in those games yet. Even now when @Clap talks about Halo, you can tell he loves the franchise and the community. The Halo games dropped in quality and with the rise of PC gaming, Halo just fell to the back.
  5. Bradley Eric Aaron TJ .....that spells something..... ..... Thats right. They're going to BATE the competition into unfavorable match-ups to win the tournament.
  6. One thing I noticed was how composed Rec was, and how much their skill carried them. In H5 every time Snipedown (nV) would beat Optic/Tox, it always seemed to be a momentum victory, where they would gain steam and put Optic away. When Royal 2 got that Triple-Kill on Construct, it was the type of momentum-swinging play that would cause nV to unravel in H5. For Rec to absorb a swing play like that and seal the victory was huge IMO.
  7. I would love to see team fortnite ( Hysteria, FearItSelf, Victory X, Pistola) at an H3 event. You take 3/4ths of one of the best H3 Teams and the best team at it's conclusion, and a guy who many considered the best skilled H3 player.
  8. There is no asterisk next to the event. Teams coming in unprepared don't add asterisks to events. Carbon doesn't have an asterisk next to their wins because OG Saiyan stopped caring. Splyce came in unprepared and got smacked. In fact, you could argue that the Halo 3 event has an asterisk next to it more so than this Halo 5 event. I also agree with the person above me, it would be poetic if Snipedown closes out H5 the way he started it, toppling CLG/Optic/Tox as the underdog.
  9. What bodes well for Rec is that Saiyan (who IMO is their most skilled player) didn't have to go off for them to win. Kind of like old ENVY (Mikwen, Pistola, Snipedown, Huke) where Huke was their engine and he had to play insane for them to compete, its a good sign that Saiyan didn't go off and they were still able to hang and beat TOX.
  10. Shout-out to @@Ninja for hosting Halo. I know it's taboo to talk about Ninja, but it's cool that he still has ties to the community and cares about Halo.
  11. If 343 is planning on implementing a more traditional Halo game (No sprint), a victory lap of Halo 3 would be a great way to re-energize a behemoth of a franchise/fan-base and to get the hype back up for a new Halo release.
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