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  1. Have some intel on what some of the pros are thinking is going to happen?
  2. So has anyone figured out if ESL is actually gonna weigh in on this Stellur vs E6 situation? Or have they already and I just missed it?
  3. I totally understand this but with a contract signed he's getting paid. Benched or not E6 is paying his salary now. It's just something I like to think I would do for a friend as close as they claim to be, and something I would expect from a friend at the same time. Even if I would lose the 1500 a month for the season, or until transfer period if my good friends reputation and Halo career were on the line to any extent I feel like I'd step up. It doesn't even have to be a public statement, I'd assume he could just contact ESL directly to offer some clarity on the situation.
  4. Regardless of the situation a ruling from ESL today is going to be a really big deal. MLG was accused frequently of protecting the orgs over the players and today is going to show exactly where ESL stands on that matter. With the lack of a Player's Union right now ESL is really the only thing that can make a stand on behalf of the players. edit: Another point, if all of this isn't a sign that the players need to get together and finally form a players union I don't know what is. The vets like Roy, Lunch, Snipedown, Victory so on and so on really need to take the lead on this one so that they can protect themselves from stuff like this in the future.
  5. I'm really glad Snakebite came out and gave his input to clear some stuff up. I'm really disappointed though that Suspector isn't gonna come out and back up his friend. I'd expect something like that from a good friend in the scene, especially when my pro league spot and reputation is kinda on the line.
  6. The point Adam is trying to make is irrelevant. Understanding now that you're just doing the devil's advocate thing, I still feel some people are missing the real point. Stellur was on a team he enjoyed and thought could do well. He was told he would make X amount of money by leaving said team for another and the money was good enough that he agreed when he otherwise wouldn't have. Then once the move was made was told two other amounts that ended up being half of what he was told originally. I'd be pissed too. I feel like the leaving a team he liked after being lied to is the real issue.
  7. They need to release the full game on PC. If they still don't release Halo 6 for Windows 10 Microsoft will have failed again in my eyes.
  8. Some nostalgia for the people that have been around for a while lol
  9. The jury is still out on EG in my opinion. I'm a fan of the Ninja pick up and I'm indifferent on VicX. They looked really good at times tonight and then they'd let it slip away, that happened 3 or 4 times that I can think of off the top of my head. If they can pull it together and figure out how to not give up leads like they did tonight then I think they'll do well this season.
  10. Been around and competing for a long time with some breaks here and there. Only really been playing H5 casually until recently, looking for a solid team to grind with now that there are open events. I can make both the cali and vegas event. GT: AllButKind aBK If you've been around the scene for a while I mostly competed as Sterling.
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