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  1. University of Houston isn’t the best, but sure as hell isnt the worst either! I’m content down here.
  2. This is fucking awesome! Literally made me tear up. GO TOX!!! Let's have a good weekend yall! TOX top 1!
  3. Stupid Twitch app doesn’t work on my Roku so MLGtv is the main for me on the big screen. Will be tuning in for sure!
  4. Banhammer dropped. Super excited to watch this event. Though I have not been keeping up with all the teams, I will always make time for MLG <3
  5. All I want after the announcement, whoever it may be, is a post from J Dot!
  6. I live in South Houston close to Pasadena and much of my families houses were flooded. I was one of the lucky ones, all I lost was a car. Helped friends and family the weeks after to clean up in different parts of Houston and honestly, it was painful to see everything that close and personal. I took a run on a trail by Allen Parkway last week, you can still see trees stuck right under the bridges like Studemont bridge that goes over the Bayou.
  7. Should be more mindful of what we had to endure here. Also, think before you post.
  8. I can agree with this... Siege has been a great game to play. Every once in a while I take a break from it but then there is new content coming out that brings me back. Halo... I have to be really ambitious to start it up.
  9. Drunk Maniac, easily one of the best moments from these awards!
  10. Just want everyone to know not only is the suspense for MLG giving me stage 1 hypertension but after last night’s game, I’m surprised I didn’t suffer cardiac arrest. Astros are making my heart work.
  11. I know I’m late but I didn’t get to see any Halo at all this weekend. But it sounds like it went swell so I’m glad but still a little scared that all this MLG talk is too good to be true... in other news, Houston is going to the WS!!! This city is in need of a championship.
  12. I don't really care for Overwatch but I love OpTic and I am from Houston sooooo..... HYPE!! How has the Halo scene been guys? I have been grinding my little heart out on Destiny 2.
  13. I make my own Tex-Mex.... went to Chipotle once. Not sure what the hype was about. The taqueria down the street has better food.
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