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  1. This is exactly how I feel, I’ve been stuck in what I referred to as the “plat hole,” always ranking mid plat and then never being able to move, especially with how often I solo queue. This season I ranked initially D1 and am contently sitting at D2, my matches have been much more consistent so overall I’m pretty happy with how trueskill is working out.
  2. You'd think he would've tried to go out with a bang, not an 0-4 loss for 4th.
  3. Liquids chairs must have been by request, no chance there was that much of an oversight...right?
  4. NV playing like shit tonight, about to get knocked out of the tournament by some pickup teams.
  5. What are the feelings here on the oddball playlist? Aside from the fact that it's currently a social game type with AR's and radar, does it appear to be promising? With how stale competitive H5 has become I'm itching for a new game type so I'm just wondering how the competitive community feels about its potential inclusion. Also makes me wonder if it would make it possible to utilize some of the DLC maps since it potentially plays much differently than the other 3 game types.
  6. Super happy to see Luminosity take that series. Cam with that frenzy!
  7. Well it didn't take long for that sticky glitch to have game changing effects...
  8. I've been a pretty big VicX fan for a while now, he's easily one of if not my favorite players. I think overall he's kind of ended up on the wrongs side of some strange team dynamics but he's always been a very solid player. Right now, however, I think he's absolutely benefiting from not only this new LG squad meshing extremely well but also from the new settings. Its actually giving people with real knowledge of the game the ability to make smart plays without being punished by a quick pulse nade or someone with an AR crouching off radar. I'm very excited to see what this LG squad has to offer going forward, but also super happy to see someone like VicX getting some much deserved recognition.
  9. I tuned in as fast as I could but caught a 30 second twitch ad...feelsbadman...
  10. Literally watching a repeat warzone montage while a game 5 is going on...fuck you Halo...
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