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  1. I think most people don't care because it's a random formula. It should have been ((kills + assists) / deaths) but for some reason 343 decided to make it an average spread sort of thing where it's ((kills + (assists/3)) - deaths). Then that number is averaged per game. It's just strange to me because someone out there decided than an assist, no matter what, is worth 1/3 of a kill. AND also decided to call it KDA just to make it extra confusing. It would have been a lot better to just stick to the usual formula or call it something else. Halo Data Hive seems to calculate it using the traditional formula though.
  2. Correct. But at the same time, I also qualified for 2016 Regionals despite living in Maryland and attended without problem. I also know of someone who won HCS prize $ despite being in MD. Also, it is worth noting that the law was changed not long ago regarding Quebec. I think the original problem was that gaming competitions were considered gambling, but now it's classified as skill-based competition. A lot of tournament organizers are still behind on this though. I'd bring it up to someone if I knew who I'm even supposed to talk to regarding this, but...
  3. Here's the thing about Social. It's not treated at all like the old games. There's zero incentive to care about winning because the EXP system in H5 isn't rewarding. Of course, a good amount of people who don't win most of their games (AKA EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE A PREMADE SQUAD READY TO GO 24/7) will end up preferring Social, because for them, there's no real point in Ranked. But the thing is, in the end, H5 is a PvP game, and winning should be the main goal. Ranked creates an incentive for that and makes people engaged to the game. Without Ranked, there's no point as the EXP and gear grind isn't appealing or long-lasting enough. You end up with a Destiny PVP kind of experience where, unless there's new content/patches all the time, the game falls off people get bored and find it repetitive... and H5 sure as hell doesn't get a new refreshing experience each month, let alone an update at all. You might think that it's fine since both Ranked and Social can co-exist, but the reality of the situation is that H5's population blows and Ranked search times are getting worse and worse. Before the recent update, "high" level FFA died for almost an entire month. It wasn't uncommon not to find Arena games late at night, even in the best region for it. Forget regions like ANZ or EU. And of course, when search times suck, then people just get off. What's the point? Another good example is how Team Snipers was close to dead on arrival because Shotty Snipers was just more fun and easier for noobs, so no one even bothered with the Ranked version except the sweatiest kids, creating a frustrating experience for whoever searched without a premade. And of course, the population is too small to support strict team-size matchmaking. TL;DR - Ranked and Social can't co-exist while delivering similar experiences. Focusing too much on either also hurts the game on the long run. As far as format goes, I think there are a few default maps that support 5v5 better than 4v4 (Plaza, Stasis, Torque, Riptide, Mercy), but it would also be a great chance to implement Forge maps in MM too, assuming that the performance stops being a disaster. @@Infinity might be interested in reading this too
  4. More people, more action, more frequent and bigger multikills. I don't think it's supposed to feel organized or thoughtful, just dumb action where even noobs are bound to get a few occasional multis. It's one of the reasons BTB is popular. It makes it more rewarding for lesser skilled people without having to the dumb down the actual game's mechanics... although in H5's case it's a little late for that. It also has the benefit of being a different format from the ranked experience, which motivates people to check out both, creating healthier populations and longer engagement to the game. For instance, I can tell you that I have no interest in Skirmish because a lot of its game modes are the same as Arena, I match teams that try as hard as if it was Arena, but when I win, I don't get rewarded like in Arena. I don't have a reason to bother with it.
  5. I agree with about all of this. HOWEVER, I do think Slayer should become 5v5 if made social, and Skirmish become 100% objective (put some One Flag, One Bomb and KOTH) and lose all the Arena game modes. Also, I think it would make sense to have Snipers ranked but I don't think it matters much regardless. Def merge the two variants though.
  6. All Xbox One controllers have a terrible tendency to have their bumpers break. Scuf, Elite, default, doesn't matter. Scuf has nice customization for sure, but I think the Elite had the best features because of the in-app customization on Xbox. As far as overall feel go, Elite feels sturdier, heavier and sticks are more responsive than other controllers, but paddles seem too sensitive. I believe Scuf has better paddles for people with bigger hands or who tend to hold their controller tight. I think that one comes down to preference, but then again, I never had to use paddles all that much aside from testing sessions (I normally just take them off) so I can't comment on which is more durable over a long period of time. Regardless of the purchase, just make sure to have some sort of extended warranty. Your controller WILL break. It doesn't matter how careful you are, whether it never happened to you or not; if you game a lot, it just happens. I've been told that Best Buy's extended warranty on Elite allows you to just walk in and have it replaced whenever you feel like it, and next time I get a new one, I'm doing that for sure. Also, the newer Xb1 S came with a new controller model with improved bumpers, and if bumpers breaking is a big issue for you, and you don't need paddles, I would recommend one of those. It's the same model Microsoft uses for their Design Lab where it's possible to customize the colors (although VERY limited compared to Scuf customization)
  7. I respect the effort that went into this, but I think it somewhat goes against the design philosophy that should be used for Arena shooters. In class-based shooters, sure, all weapons should have a respectable and balanced killing potential, but in Arena games, especially Halo, it makes more sense to have weapons that serve a niche purpose as opposed to just killing. I have two slots to carry weapons, yet I never feel like I have to make a real decision when it comes down to which weapons I should pick up. Most of the time, ammo is the main deciding factor. Everything is too good, nothing has a real niche purpose. A good example people keep bringing up is the plasma rifle from H1. It wasn't good at killing people, but it had a stun effect which was nice and very useful in certain situations. The only thing that really has a niche use in H5 is the plasma pistol, and even then, it can be used in conjunction with most other weapons in the game. Right now, tons of weapons are just good at killing, and it's the reason on-map weapons feel frustrating and overwhelming.
  8. I'm of the opinion that no radar should just be implemented in matchmaking until the settings are 100% decided upon. Some might disagree, but I think there's no point in forcing people to scrim to test it out. It can make for far too lopsided experiences, which can translate into negative thoughts and opinions following that. Matchmaking allows people to experience maps against people of various skill and levels of teamwork. It's much better and meaningful data. It's also easier to get used to and grind for a real amount of time. Those who want real HWC practice can just set up regular scrims (which is what people do regardless). As far as alternatives go, I don't think an ability-only radar is a good approach. Commit to either having radar or not. The reason for that is simple; let's take Jim, who's never kept up with HCS in his life. He decided he'd check out Arena for the first time. The poor dude ends up spending his entire game getting blindsided because his radar (that is CLEARLY still on the screen) doesn't give the info it should. Is there a real reason for that? Is it just bad luck? A glitch? He can't tell, but he's just upset with the game. Same for viewers at home who are watching HCS. We don't want casters to have to repeat that the radar is different like 30 times a broadcast. It's a problem because there is no proper method of letting people know that the HCS/Arena radar doesn't behave like in other game modes, unless that change was implemented across the board via a sandbox update, that's a change that just isn't going to happen for obvious reasons. Now, if the radar is just not on the screen, then at least people know what to expect and not to count on it. Plus, informative cues are so numerous in this game, it's not even needed. There are clear audio cues for spawning, people lining up a spartan charge, ground pound, thrust, slide, crouching, tossing grenades, and power-ups. On top of that, weapon pads can be seen when interacted with and hitmarkers are thing. Tons of free info. --- Having said that, I think the much bigger problem is the overabundance of weapons. In H5, 95% of map pick-ups are a plain upgrade to the starting loadout. And that's insane to begin with considering how powerful and consistent AR/pistol both are. I see it all the time in FFA where it's more often about 1v1 battles. It's far too often about who has the better weapon, and there are a ton of powerful weapons on all the maps. Ever wondered how come Rig TS has the biggest score gaps? It's because there's a lot of power weapons and another weapon of the same kind respawns before the last one is out of ammo. It's impossible to counter them or find a downtime where no power weapons are active to make a proper push that isn't at a disadvantage. Replacing weapons with different weapons that are in the same spot and have the same purpose doesn't change the meta. You legit might as well not change it at all. I think the two maps that have seen real improvements are Truth and Empire, just because the weapons that made no sense are gone. Also Eden because that map devolves into a crouch fest all too often and having a shotgun on it just makes it plain worse. TL;DR - Make real changes to weapons. Less numerous weapons, less ammo, more difficult to use. New Truth is a good starting point.
  9. FINALLY!! I've been upset ever since the Needler on Regret got removed.
  10. Surprised not to see them involved during the qualification process for Worlds. Despite a less than stellar performance from us at the time, NA Regionals last Feb was an incredible event, and I don't think I'll ever forget it. It was the first event I attended, and it took the expectations I had and obliterated them to little pieces. The best part is how it wasn't even open. I'm sure it could have been at least 5 times as good and exciting to watch, even more so now with the solid teams sitting right outside of top 8. On top of that, their Columbus arena is great in itself and in one of the best spots to have a tournament, which makes even more sense if LANs will be part of the qualification process this time around. Like I said, I think it could have benefited HWC/Halo as a whole to have them on board a little earlier, but regardless, I'm glad to see MLG might get involved again. The MLG + Halo combination is too good not to have, and the people behind MLG are awesome (not throwing shade at other TOs, just focusing the positives I've had).
  11. Back in my day, talking about getting plus rep earned a bunch of neg rep. Sheesh, people have gotten soft
  12. I tested it at some point on potential FFA maps. It indeed works like a Railgun would (but it was in fact a bit stronger because it was easier to paint/swipe over the target). People seemed to get a little frustrated because the audio cue for it isn't as obvious at the Railgun and the charge time is also rather fast. People were quick to point out that it shouldn't have more than 3-4 shots in it, and even then, it felt a little too strong at times. The other splaser (Selene's Lance? or whatever the tier above it is) might be more balanced. It charges a little slower but it's still super strong.
  13. You also might want to rework spawns so that people can't just bum rush across the map and get a counter pull each time the flag is pulled, but that's just me. I have no idea if people like that meta. It is the main reason stalemates happen that much, though. People spawn 40% pushed up on the other team's side (via silo spawns), and it's faster and easier to pull their flag then fight than it is to just focus on killing the flag runner in most cases. Also, I think Fathom is the WORST map for splinters because all the fighting areas are far too narrow.
  14. No exploit needed. The sandbox balance was just bad all along and people got used to the abusing maps and abilities needed to further break it. I promise it's not that hard to figure out optimal timing and positioning to outgun a pistol with the AR in a 1v1 battle. Even more so now that thrust sliding is common practice, useful jumps have been figured out and people understand sight lines and spawns. The real question is how long will it take for 343 to address it. It's been 13 months since the game came out and we haven't seen a single major sandbox balance update, so I'm gonna go ahead and guess never. Better get that AR out!
  15. Hydra is honestly more balanced and skillful than most power weapons used in competitive right now. It's not so much an auto-aim weapon as it is one where you have to estimate the distance to your target, projectile travel time, optimal angle needed to hit them all while having good enough positioning to take no damage while hitting it. This makes more sense. The HUD should show when the weapons respawn then fade out after a few seconds regardless of the weapon being picked up or not.
  16. While it's not inherently a bad idea, and I definitely see what it tries to achieve, I think that the final result wouldn't be as anticipated. For the most part, what would happen is that we'd see less low tier weapons being used overall because of a limited supply. That on its own, isn't necessarily a bad thing, because those weapons are meant to be an advantage to use and rarely just situational, but the advantage they provide isn't big enough to make people call out over them and focus on shutting them down. What I mean is, while it is easier for a BR (or whatever other precision weapon) user to pressure people, you don't need to adjust your play style vs. one, which makes calling it out redundant. For that reason, people with good comms won't bother specifying that. The main change left from this would be that those weapons aren't on respawn as often as now, which does two things: First, it increases awareness and predictability of those weapons, which is good (at least for autos, because fuck running into a random storm rifle). Second, it creates more situations where people will walk over a precision weapon spawn just to find that it's not there. It's not a big deal in most cases aside from creating a minor waste of time for people who are looking for them, but it can be a problem on maps like Truth where those weapons are a factor toward holding a solid spawn trap and/or map control. Specifically, when taking over map control (assuming other team had it beforehand) there's a good chance the Carbine won't be up because of the previous person who had it and died with it, which makes it harder to stay in control after breaking free from spawn pressure because of that little advantage you're missing. It's not a big deal, but it in fact favors the team which initially got map control, creating a mini snowball effect. Now as far as storm rifles and SMGs go, I'll be the first to say that in their current state, they respawn way too quickly and are far too numerous on just about ANY map. Those are the kind of weapons that people will go out of their way to pick up 9 times out of 10, and it's not uncommon to see multiple of them at once. FFA reflects that a lot because people rely on weapons far more than in 4v4. In fact, it happened a lot last weekend at HCS Vegas, despite the updated map set. I specifically remember seeing three different storm rifles in the kill feed one time. I strongly think moving automatic weapon pick-ups to tier 2 would make sense because the advantage those offer over the AR is just raw power. The same can't be said about precision weapons, where they're usually just a little easier to use at range (greater red reticle range, zoom, bullet magnetism) and the damage advantage is essentially a non-factor in battles. Automatic pick-ups are just straight up stronger, and engaging head on without being able to predict them means death more times than not. For that reason, it would make sense to change those, but for precision weapons, I can't say I agree.
  17. What this man said. There are a shit ton of incredible original/new Forge maps that are better than a lot of stuff we've seen so far (including most dev maps), but somehow none of them are taken into consideration. Heck, there could even be at least 10 times more if 343 held contests and awarded forgers for making solid maps, but no. Stasis. Or how about Riptide with 2 new weapons? This is the most powerful Forge we've ever had, this game has the biggest competitive focus ever, and all Forge is used for is BTB, Breakout and Infection. C'mon.
  18. I figured the question came up because Empire TS was up for consideration to be re-implemented in Arena/HCS settings (Winter Preview?). Didn't think it might just be a random update for the map.
  19. See, the thing about Empire is that it's small, has a lot of corners, jumps and vertical planes. This makes it AR heaven. Remember the scattershot being OP? That wasn't the scattershot's fault. Even in strongholds, where people know where others will be far before seeing them, people just soar with ARs instead of cutting off sight lines with their pistol, because it just makes so much more sense with how segmented the map is, and all the existing escape routes. Your best option here is to revisit the balance of the starting loadout (lol), or just put a shit ton of rifles on the maps and hope people will pick them up. You could add a sniper too, since I guess countering a sniper with an AR is a little difficult. However, then, spawn killing on that map will without a doubt become too simple, and teams would go on 10-15 unanswered kill streaks until something else respawns. Not too sure how to make this one work. It's been a problem for a while in FFA being one of the most lopsided maps out there in favor of whoever has map control and for the most part, that's just because of one dude with shotgun. A full team could do so much worse. As far as weapons go, all I know is that the shotgun is a joke, SPNKr requires being in AR range to get shit done and how are SMGs still on that map? TL;DR - I would recommend not to bother, but that's just me. You might be able to get some different feedback from someone who loves autos. If it's still happening no matter what, then for a chance at making it work, def add a sniper somewhere, remove SMGs, shotguns, splinter grenades and hope for the best.
  20. Those games are also like 50 times the size in EVERY aspect, including the population. Greater population alone means a bigger pool of dedicated casters to pick from, more content creators to make it easier to learn the meta and such, and more exposure (which means sponsors and more funds for equipment). Meanwhile we're over here just making sure Halo doesn't disconnect and/or crash on LAN. The circumstances are a little different. There are much more important battles to pick if Halo wants to be taken serious. For instance, Halo 5 legit looks like toddler's first FPS with ultra-amped bullet magnetism because pro league matches use the inaccurate theater mode, and new viewers are just like "lol sniping is a joke". It's bad enough when the shots get shown again in slow mo after the game. At this point, I'm a little surprised theater/spectator mode hasn't been scrapped to be rebuilt from scratch considering it was going to be a pivotal part of Halo esports with the pro league format. Although to go back about what you were talking about, I think what would make sense is to have an analyst desk of some sorts (separate from casters), where analysts could review matches a little more in-depth, and it would also be great to fill in the down time between matches rather than see the "Making of Halo Wars 2 ViDoc" for the millionth time. It's a shame because theater mode has a ton of potential for this. Imagine a PC version of Halo 5 theater mode, where it's possible to just input film time to go to a specific part of the game, or even to skip to power weapon respawns, and other important events (like flag pulls, strongholds being contested, lead switches in TS, big multikills, etc) using a drop down list. It would also be great to implement features like heat maps and have better controls and performance overall. It would be an incredible tool for analysts and coaches. But no, we just get a theater mode that shows people hitting targets that they aren't aiming at, while being stuck on 90% speed for some reason. Either way, I want to reiterate that the casters are far from being a deterring factor towards Halo's success as an esport, and there are much greater issues at hand. For starters, can we make sure that there's a good map set to compete on? I am still confident that to this date, not a single person asked for a SAW or Stasis.
  21. I brought up their previous success because Halo smarts are Halo smarts. Pros, active or not, will be top 1% in ANY Halo game. Them having enough fun on it to grind it and further refine that percentile is a different story, but the point is, people who are good at the game understand what's happening in there. It isn't something super different because abilities are in and 10 different weapons have been added. Sure, maps have a couple jumps and metas that are worth being informed about, but casters have not had a problem explaining what people do in-game and the reasoning behind it. Worst case scenario, those dudes have no problem asking pros at events for extra insight. All I know is that I appreciated the commentary last weekend, and it kept me entertained during the longer hours. It's far from being a deterring factor when it comes to viewership or potential investors and sponsors in Halo esports when we consider the current state of the game. A series like Smash, which has the least esports-like commentators, averages 5 to 10 times the same views Halo has because tournaments and streams are run well, the game is fun, and skill is visible and appreciated (unlike when watching spectator mode pro league for instance). And until Theater mode stops being complete trash, I'll never blame casters for not wanting to use it a bit more. Hope we get to see the giant deleted response, I'm curious.
  22. It's not hard to see that Walshy pretends not to know so that the other caster breaks down the mechanic and explains it to the viewers at home without making them feel dumb for not knowing. The man is a multi-Halo legend and one of the best in the world at button combos. You expect him not to understand the reasoning behind YYing after each grenade toss? He doesn't even need to be explained to understand it. In fact, Walsh dropped some good info during the FFAs. I remember him breaking down how prioritizing targets should be done and it's something that made a lot of sense even though I never did it how he explained. As for the Strongside comment, I also think it's the opposite. The man is a former top pro (actual top, one of the best when Halo peaked, and also across a ton of titles). There's no doubt he thinks a lot faster than he's able to put in words, and it's also for that reason, that I agree on that it would make more sense for him not to focus on play-by-play as it appears it's not his strength, but rather a more analytical approach. Regardless, it was far from his worst casting. Both have improved tremendously and the chemistry between him and Walsh is great and entertaining, not unlike T2 and Elamite have at times. It led to some hilarious moments that wouldn't have happened with other casters during the longest hours of the tournament. You're discrediting them a bit too much IMO. Casters aren't supposed to know ALL the small tidbits of meta that pros come up with and innovate over and over, and even if they did, being surprised and excited is great for the viewers. I don't freak out when I see a no scope in the chest, but it's not a bad thing that casters are able to make it exciting, even more so when the tournament runs super late and people aren't as energized. Overall, I think the casting was great and entertaining. I don't have real complains considering how late the event ran. Also the event itself was the best we've seen in a while from a spectator's perspective. Aside from the schedule, the matches were incredible. Some of the notables I have were EG, Liquid and 3sUP, but there's also no discrediting ALG and nV for maintaining composure and focus over such long series.
  23. It did boost the relative viewership compared to the weeks before, but the overall viewership (across the entire game) is experiencing a downward trend. There isn't much for them to improve upon as long as spectator mode is how it is. The casting is knowledgeable, entertaining, exciting and able to fill in the downtime rather well. The season couldn't have culminated in a more unpredictable manner than it did. It EASILY was the most exciting week for a viewer. I think the disinterest goes past that. H5 needs new content and important fixes worth covering for news sites and on social media. Stuff to talk about. Two months, now almost three of nothing new whatsoever takes a toll. It sounds dumb, but even just something like Infection as a game mode when it came out created a lot of interest around the game.
  24. You're right, I have no clue if changing might break something else or not, but I know this much: Other Halo games have been able to do it in the past no problem, tons of other games on the market also do it, and Halo 5 does it in the background already, it's just not set as a hard condition to meet to start matches. It tries, but it's definitely not guaranteed. It would be a damn shame if something like that ended up breaking the game though.

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