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  1. I think most people don't care because it's a random formula. It should have been ((kills + assists) / deaths) but for some reason 343 decided to make it an average spread sort of thing where it's ((kills + (assists/3)) - deaths). Then that number is averaged per game. It's just strange to me because someone out there decided than an assist, no matter what, is worth 1/3 of a kill. AND also decided to call it KDA just to make it extra confusing. It would have been a lot better to just stick to the usual formula or call it something else. Halo Data Hive seems to calculate it using the traditional formula though.
  2. Correct. But at the same time, I also qualified for 2016 Regionals despite living in Maryland and attended without problem. I also know of someone who won HCS prize $ despite being in MD. Also, it is worth noting that the law was changed not long ago regarding Quebec. I think the original problem was that gaming competitions were considered gambling, but now it's classified as skill-based competition. A lot of tournament organizers are still behind on this though. I'd bring it up to someone if I knew who I'm even supposed to talk to regarding this, but...
  3. Here's the thing about Social. It's not treated at all like the old games. There's zero incentive to care about winning because the EXP system in H5 isn't rewarding. Of course, a good amount of people who don't win most of their games (AKA EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T HAVE A PREMADE SQUAD READY TO GO 24/7) will end up preferring Social, because for them, there's no real point in Ranked. But the thing is, in the end, H5 is a PvP game, and winning should be the main goal. Ranked creates an incentive for that and makes people engaged to the game. Without Ranked, there's no point as the EXP and gear grind isn't appealing or long-lasting enough. You end up with a Destiny PVP kind of experience where, unless there's new content/patches all the time, the game falls off people get bored and find it repetitive... and H5 sure as hell doesn't get a new refreshing experience each month, let alone an update at all. You might think that it's fine since both Ranked and Social can co-exist, but the reality of the situation is that H5's population blows and Ranked search times are getting worse and worse. Before the recent update, "high" level FFA died for almost an entire month. It wasn't uncommon not to find Arena games late at night, even in the best region for it. Forget regions like ANZ or EU. And of course, when search times suck, then people just get off. What's the point? Another good example is how Team Snipers was close to dead on arrival because Shotty Snipers was just more fun and easier for noobs, so no one even bothered with the Ranked version except the sweatiest kids, creating a frustrating experience for whoever searched without a premade. And of course, the population is too small to support strict team-size matchmaking. TL;DR - Ranked and Social can't co-exist while delivering similar experiences. Focusing too much on either also hurts the game on the long run. As far as format goes, I think there are a few default maps that support 5v5 better than 4v4 (Plaza, Stasis, Torque, Riptide, Mercy), but it would also be a great chance to implement Forge maps in MM too, assuming that the performance stops being a disaster. @@Infinity might be interested in reading this too
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