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  1. I agree with the little time notice I just feel like the pro league made players complacent they are already in pro league so why does it matter to show to an event. Now this is just my opinion but if you are in pro league it should be a requirement that you attend the open event. I know money issues orgs not paying whatever but it just seems like a slap in the face when all the best teams aren't even there Just throwing this out there and it's way too late for this to even happen but since all the teams are essentially different then last season of pro league they should have made Daytona the qualifier for all teams besides optic and nv (top 2 at worlds).
  2. why are so many pro players/pro teams not going to Daytona. I mean you guys finally get more open events on the east coast and then some don't go. its easy to see why 343/ESL just doesn't give a shit.
  3. Why would they make the groups random like that based off vegas results the groups should be (#1 na, #1 euro, Azn/Mexico) (#2 na, lcq na, #2 euro) (#3 na, #7 na, lcq euro) (#4 na, #5 na, Azn/Mexico)
  4. the anniversary playlist was released then taken down within an hour because it was broken. I usually give 343 the benefit of the doubt but how do you mess this one up. Feelsbadman
  5. Move to Bakersfield it's cheap and we got a group that lans h1/h2 every weekend on og xboxs and tube tvs
  6. First time poster long time lurker here. Every h2/h3 mlg event on the west coast sold out so I'm unaware if how historically west coast events always have low turnouts maybe in reach they had low turn outs but that game was dying. Pretty much just confirms to me that these forums are just a bunch of reach kids. Go ahead and neg rep me all you want. I love halo and really want it to succeed I just think it's time to admit that the game is dead and 343/esl are really not doing very much to help it
  7. 6 out of the 7 on this list you have to pay for still regardless of where the event is at unless you don't have to eat on the east coast. The only one that changes anything is the flights
  8. I really hate 343 I saw mcc update and instantly got excited then I read that cmon 343 you guys are an absolute joke
  9. Midship Warlock Lockout Beaver creek Sanctuary Chill out Prisoner Hang em high Derelict Damnation
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