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  1. The greater issue here is the barrier to entry for hosting anything under the title 'eSports'. The only barrier, it seems, is that it keeps getting more and more difficult to enter this space with every spectacularly failed attempt, such as Iron Gaming. Some of the community had come under fire for not always setting the best examples, starting witch hunts against Iron Gaming, and the like. While perhaps a bit misguided, I think it was an honest attempt to create an additional buffer between the jokers and the stayers in eSports, and more specifically Halo. Unfortunately, as you now know, sometimes being one of the faces of an organization can unjustly paint a target on you. An analogy would be getting upset with the waitress, not the chef. My point here? I can't help but to feel that the community (mis)placed so much heat on your job performance, that it had impacted Aaron to let you go. He's malleable, and folds under community pressure every time. This we know. What I respect more than you being loyal to Iron Gaming since its beginning is how you handled this. You probably felt this way, that the community had cost you your job, and justifiably so. However you showed moxie in the face of all of this, and didn't lash back. At anyone. It shows growth, character. That growth is worth investing into, from my perspective. You aren't the best commentator even by your own admission, but you showed loyalty and potential. What happened about RTX is, well, pretty messed up. You didn't blame GB, Gandhi, or Mavenfor 'taking your job.' You should've been the first commentator confirmed to be going. Iron Gaming should've invested in you by placing Alex, Gandhi and Maven around you. You would've walked away with great experience and one of those epiphanies where the light bulb goes off, and you break through to the next level. That's what should've happened. Instead, in my opinion, the community was attempting to rid itself of Iron Gaming, and as a public brand ambassador you were in the blast radius. This was probably the driving force behind Aaron cutting you for more socially acceptable casters. If that truly is the reason, or one of the many, please accept my apology on behalf of the community. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we were just trying to help, and when frustration outweighs progress sometimes things can turn personal. This is the internet, afterall. Best of luck with your future. I hope someone out there can see that loyalty and potential in you, and give you another shot. Those are the only two things Aaron Welch found out you can't buy with a plate full of money.
  2. Pissed at myself for that reply. I'm going outside now.
  3. First, a compliment. You're the first person that is so dense that they actually pulled me to a point where I couldn't help myself but to reply. Also - before you read on, please know that I know exactly how it feels to be in your position. I had the unenviable task of following up MLG, and this tweet. If you only knew the shit storm I faced with this tweet. Coming from holy territory, I had a much more difficult task than you do now - and even then I didn't come close to lashing back*: But now: I had considered writing up an intelligent and very comprehensive post explaining how and where you went wrong,(and how to improve) but there's just too much, and I've decided to leave a simple-minded reply that you can actually digest. This post cements the fact that you're a douche bag. So much so that you've managed to break me down to the level to point this out to you. Your unfiltered reply here is baffling to me, as an adult, as a man, as a father, as a professional in this space. It's embarrassing, and clearly signifies that you're unfit to lead. Anything. And here I am now arguing with you. For shame.This whole thing was entertaining at first, and I was hopeful things would work themselves out - but these last few replies are the last act of a desperate man. PS - On your next venture when dealing with a community, please take to heart the fact that it's not what you say, but how you say it. *= save for trolling a couple of times on Twitter.
  4. Team Name: Bubble Gum GT1: StrongSide GT2: VG Carl
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