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  1. 1 minute ago, Buffdaddy Jamal said:

    Lol at being mad at people for wanting to exterminate a threat before it's able to destroy their country and society.

    This is genocide talk right here.

    The scary part is that your type is an actual threat to human freedom because you Americans killed millions of Indonesian peasants simply for demanding more freedom and democracy.

  2. 51 minutes ago, TheDood said:

    Helicopter rides work best for that purpose, I have heard.

    Oh look.

    Conservatives once again displaying their fascistic tendencies and radical authoritarianism in response to democracy.

    America, Pinochet, Milton Friedman, Chicago boys are evil.

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  3. 12 hours ago, pharmassists said:

    Bernie Sanders said the Boston bomber should be allowed to vote. You guys are fuuuuckkeeed.


    So murderers and rapists in jail should be allowed to vote. Also 16 year olds. I thought this was the intellectual party?

    Yes. Take away the rights to vote from one demographic and it's a slippery slope to voter suppression.

    If you are afraid of the democratic input of murderers and rapists you are pretty fucking dumb.

  4. 2 hours ago, WhyIsPuffyTaken said:

    y'all know that liberals aren't leftists, right? 

    Liberals = filthy capitalist scum like Macron, Hillary, Tony fucking Blair, Obama, Malcolm Turnbull.


    Leftists = Corbyn, Bernie, Melanchon




  5. 1 minute ago, Rick said:

    It must be a sad existence to both have so much hate and so much stupidity.

    I don't have any hate for people. I love the people who are religious which is why I want to see religion dead so they can be free on this earth right here right now, not in some magical utopia in their imagination.

  6. Religion is correlated with oppression, poverty, slavery and war. It is no coincidence that the most secular countries are the richest while the most poor are ridden with religious conflict.

    It's a tool of manipulation and control.

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  7. 11 hours ago, TheDood said:

    I would recommend that you should read smarter philosophers.

    Kropotkin is expansive in authority, politics, cooperation, revolution, labour, economics, agriculture, evolution, geography, literature, science, philosophy and ethics.

    I doubt there are many that has contributed as much as Kropotkin.

  8. 2 hours ago, akaWest said:

    You're completely unhinged. Maybe you should take a break and get your shit together.

    French Churches are being targeted, this is a fact. This also leads me to believe this wasn't an accident. Beyond that I haven't made up my mind on who I think is doing it. But since you seem so sure as to who you think I think did it maybe you can enlighten us? 

    Sorry pal. This is not your Reichstag fire. Wait your turn. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Buffdaddy Jamal said:

    I don't think you understand the problem. The problem is ILLEGAL ALIENS getting $27 MILLION in tuition aid in the first place. They shouldn't even be in the country, let alone allowed to enroll in our schools and drain funding that could be used elsewhere.

    You are so mad that you are too fucking stupid to even go to university in the first place lmaooo

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  10. 1 hour ago, TheDood said:

    Malcolm X (at least early in his career) was a terrorist and a racist so if he is unhappy with modern America, then I think we are doing a good job. 

    Lol, are armed black people considered terrorists to you people?

    2nd amendment never encompasses oppressed peoples do they? haha

    The NRA are such scum. 

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  11. 36 minutes ago, TheDood said:

    True for someone who seems to like open borders and things that free movement is a human right - you dont seem to like human interaction. 



    Most human interaction is rapey and non-consensual. Is it justice that Africans speak English and French while practicing Islam and Christianity as they work for their masters in the EU?

    Leftists desire freedom of movement within reason.

    It is a nuanced debate. 

    Today's migration is FORCED movement.


  12. 1 hour ago, TheDood said:

    You would have to expand on that with evidence other than a crappy music video.


    However, people in 3rd world countries wearing Nike's and eating hamburgers isn't bad 

    Linguistic genocide. The earth is going to be speaking nothing but English, Chinese, and French etc.

    All of Africa practice two foreign religions: Islam and Christianity.

    American markets and capitalism eat and spit out consumers who eat standardized commodities sold by multinational corporations all over the world.

    Evangelical Christianity is sweeping Latin America and robbing people of their traditional roots from indigenous culture to African culture to latin culture.

    Every country that does not want to bombed and destroyed by America must give up their natural resources that go towards their people and their cultural institutions and they must copy America with everything they do.

    Here in Australia, media deals have destroyed traditional Australian comedy, culture, entertainment, values and replaced them with American shit. Australia since WW2 has gone from a traditional working class British country to a cosmopolitan country based on American culture.


    Even black rap hip off is purely an American cultural phenomenon. It's a product of a racial underclass who buy into American capitalism. African Americans are culturally rootless. This is found less in Latin American countries but it is happening there too.

    Malcom X would have been disgusted.


    I could rant some more but these are just some examples.

  13. 1 hour ago, TheDood said:

    Conservatism, in my view, is the attempt to keep the baby from being thrown out with the bath water. 


    Then why do you motherfuckers always support privatization? 

    I am more conservative than anyone in this thread.


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