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  1. 44 minutes ago, pharmassists said:

    You're right. Things don't get more expensive when you get the government throwing money at it.  The government is great at not overpaying for things.

    You have government spending wrong. Government deficits aka creating and issuing currency creates a private surplus. That is national accounting 101 

    The government isn't throwing money at it actually. It is moving money away from investors and into the real economy. Accounting wise it would probably reduce the national deficit because existing dollars in circulation would be going towards production instead of in some rich investor's savings account and thus the economy would not require fiscal stimulus or a tax cut..

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  2. 1 minute ago, legendaryshotz said:

    Well yeah, also they can’t explain how a part time job back in the day easily paid for college meanwhile today probably would only cover 20-30% of expenses when it’s all said and done. And this is with the supposed prosperous technology era. Gotta keep poor people poor and make sure they keep paying interest on everything no matter what. One in four American adults are currently paying a student loan. Gotta charge 200 bucks for a single book that you will never need ever again. And don’t worry, you have to buy it now, because there’s usually a system key now which makes you register it online because the professors use it for quizzes and exams. No such thing as buying used for cheap anymore and taking exams in class. Everyone has to make their cut and take advantage of your eventual degree.

    Yeah, everyone is working longer, wealth has never been greater but everyone is just poorer for some reason lol what's going on?

    Some random worker in the 50s is wealthier than someone working now, not weird at all, normal country America is

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  3. Just now, legendaryshotz said:

    Also no one addressed how we’re going to pay for all these damn wars (7T) the US started and the 1.5T tax plan trump did. But forgiving student debt that affects a majority of young and poor people in this country is very bad! Anything that benefits the American people greatly is bad! But the bullshit we always have money for and no one asks who’s going to pay for that.

    Assuming you win the war, wars pay for themselves actually. You use defence contracts to mobilise resources used by sovereign US currency, you make the guns, you pay the mercenaries a cut. And they secure the resources from other countries, from Iraq, to Honduras, to Venezuela.

    Not saying it's right, but if the war is successful, it makes money lol The national deficit creates private savings in the form of wages for the people who organised the war, and more national wealth in the form of war plundering, mostly in the hands of private companies who the bootlickers in the thread love to suck up to.

  4. 'According to a study from the Levy Institute, cancelling all student debt would add an estimated $1 trillion to our economy over the next decade and it would create up to 1.5 million jobs a year.'


    Literally dudes in the thread, hate jobs and prosperity and love billionaire cock.


  5. 6 hours ago, pharmassists said:

    I don't really have a problem with free trade school.

    Free degrees that are effectively useless to society on the other hand...

    Bernie's plan won't address the cost of college. If anything college will be more expensive since the government will pay for it either way.  Unless the plan will regulate tuition cost.

    You are really ignorant if you think there are no practical job skills at the university level. College won't be MORE expensive because the public isn't being bled by obscene education costs. Literally, what do these costs go to? Books, bricks, wages, knowledge? Literally nothing justifies these gouging prices. The money is all going to investors. You're not a fucking rich investor. You're not going to lose your 7th yacht it's OKAY my dude!

  6. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:

    "[Insert Socialist leader here] will actually bring manufacturing to [Insert relatively prosperous nation here] and modernize the country!"

    Where oh where have I heard that before in history? :thinking:


    You're right, nobody was killing themselves under Obama, 2016, everyone was happy, but then as soon as Jan 2017 came around, BOOM everyone was overdosing. (Ignoring the fact that the unemployment rate is literally much lower now)

    Obama is not my guy. He is the same right wing cunt as the rest of the people you worship except he says 'Yes we can! justice, blah blah blah,' instead of simply saying 'fuck poor people'


  7. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:


    Also, Reagan was busy bankrupting your buddies in the soviet union to be fiscally conservative. Reagan was also bad on gun control and immigration! It turns out, I don't worship him as perfect, and he can still manage to be the best president since Calvin Coolidge imo.

    I would like to see you elaborate on that. But if that is actually what you got out of that article, then your IQ is in the mid-40s.

    Yeah okay, Obama is evil and mean for bailing out wall street and expanding corporate welfare but when Reagan does it, it is cool and good okay then. NO INCONSISTENCIES HERE

    Reagan was fucking shit and was a narco terrorist in latin America.

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  8. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:


    My point is this, if the argument is that we want 'equality of opportunity' when it comes to college, then the government will literally have to take over higher education and remove personal freedom in the space, or it will have to fund colleges with which it disagrees or provide hugely different quality of education, or that costs vary widely. If you are using ideological values and goals for this, instead of practical ones, then this system is way more complicated and downright impossible. You cannot have both liberty and equality.


    Letting people be free to choose what career they want based on their skill set AKSHUALLY removes personal freedom YA OKAY dude totally not double think there.

    I admit, these schools would be ideological. It is the ideology of creating a higher standard of living and national wealth and increased economic productivity.

    The ideology will consist of gearing the economy to serve the people and the environment they live in rather than sacrificing people and the environment at the alter of rich people's interests.

    So under this arrangement, job training will be provided based on human needs and development, rather than greed and profit.


    Or you can privatise every university to billionaires who want to create brain damaged religious drones who worship the billionaires who collapse the country economically

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  9. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:

    Honest question: Has Bernie promised to pay for trade schools or is that just in your personal fever dream?

    That also leaves people who do neither trade school nor college in an even worse position. Beyond that, trade schools and colleges don't cost anywhere near the same. 

    Second honest question: I know that Bernie's plan is that everyone could get free tuition to a state school. Yet state schools vary greatly in quality, and cost (meaning once again, that equality of opportunity is still not achieved). That also leaves the question of people who go to expensive private colleges. Does someone who went to the University of Southwestern Oklahoma, for example, have to pay for someone who went to  Harvard? How do Christian colleges work in this system? Surely the government wouldn't want to fund religious organizations. What about the postgraduate school, medical school, and law school? What is there trade school equivalent? If you really want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to make it in life, then you must pay for those, and the only way to do that would be once again, robbing the poor to pay for the potentially rich.


    Making school and training free actually breaks down financial barriers to equality of opportunity, it will put more money in the hands of workers which is an instant stimulus which creates jobs and prosperity instead of going to rich people's cocaine and stripper addictions on their yachts.

    Because people will actually be able to pursue their dreams and careers, people will actually be able to get the job they are actually suited for instead of having 130 IQ points and working at a bar or for uber or some shit because there are no jobs because everyone is poor as fuck.


    This efficiency will boost productivity so fast, the 'free training and education' will actually make so much fucking wealth and money.


    Christian schools and private venture that brain wash people into destroying their own country will be highly regulated and receive no welfare from the tax payer like they do currently.


    The only money that is being 'robbed' are the fucking bankers and didn't earn or produce anything to get that money in the first place. Are you a banker? Because last time I checked, bankers fucked the whole country up.

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  10. 8 hours ago, TheDood said:

    "[Insert Socialist leader here] will actually bring manufacturing to [Insert relatively prosperous nation here] and modernize the country!"

    Where oh where have I heard that before in history? :thinking:


    You're right, nobody was killing themselves under Obama, 2016, everyone was happy, but then as soon as Jan 2017 came around, BOOM everyone was overdosing. (Ignoring the fact that the unemployment rate is literally much lower now)

    Obama sucks shit. 

    And yeah it's really easy to modernise the country. America was pushed along by socialist Roosevelt lmao.

    Britain modernised.

    China is modernising. 

    Are you objectively anti-technology and prosperity or something? 

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  11. 3 hours ago, akaWest said:


    Obama stole money from taxpayers, gave it to Wall Street who then funneled billions to left wing political groups...let that sink in. 

    Hold on did I just read that? Obama gave money to big fucking capitalists. He is a right wing capitalist who hates leftists and initiates fascist coups in Latin America.

    You Americans are the biggest goobers.

  12. 6 hours ago, Cypress said:


    Bernie isn’t about ‘giving a voice’ to anyone.  He is about ‘giving my fucking paycheck’ to them.   

    Can you imagine being so weak and feeble in life that u need a socialist politician to drag your helpless ass out of your own swamp?

    Bernie isn't taxing anyone you dumb fuck. Unless you're a drug company, higher education scammer  or an insurance parasite you're not losing anything and you'll be even richer because Bernie will actually bring manufacturing to America and modernise the country.


    Meanwhile under Trump, the factories are abandoned, and the unemployed are killing themselves from despair through drug overdose MAGA

  13. 7 hours ago, Cursed Lemon said:

    Considering Trump got manhandled in the debates by Hillary, a person with the charisma of a potato, you begging for Trump's annihilation by Bernie is funny. 

    That shit gave me brain cancer. That wasn't a debate. You can't even 'man handle' a giant fucking child.

    It was a complete waste of time and it was disgustingly moderated by corporate cunts to steer away from issues that actually appear to 80% of the population.

  14. Also lol Obama bailed out wall st blah blah blah, no leftist actually gives a fuck about Obama. He is not our guy.


    Unlike Reagan who exploded government spending and bailed out a fuck ton of banks, he is defs your guy.

  15. 3 hours ago, legendaryshotz said:

    Almost as bad as Bush deregulating everything for short term gains leading us into a recession. You cant be this dense.

    Bush was bad, but don't pretend Clinton and Reagan didn't fuck it up further. Bush jR was the nail in the coffin in a long line of neocon and neoliberal fuck stains.

  16. 2 hours ago, TheDood said:

    Everyone goes to school (unless they pay for a private one out of their own pocket), not everyone goes to college. In this case, you are literally robbing the poor to pay for the whiney rich.


    Also, lol at democrats pretending that the media is somehow against them or their leftist agenda.

    Trade schools will also be free like it was in the 50s so no.

    Giving people equality of opportunity actually ensures everyone makes the most of themselves and actually get into positions in society through merit instead of the rampant vile nepotism that plagues most western countries.

  17. Also good to know that given America is barely committing troops to their conventional warfare on a country of 80 million people.

    Australia's Liberal party will almost definitely contribute troops like the cucks that they are. Australia since it was couped by the CIA in the 1970s has been America's bitch ever since.


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