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  1. I didn't say being rich was a sin. I said often the sinful are rich. 


    And the invisible hand is horseshit and flies in the face of basically everything we know about human psychology on the broad.


    I disagree. There are sinful people from every social class. This is one case that I dislike about leftists. They see success under capitalism as evil without even acknowledging competion in markets is mandatory no matter who you are. Capitalism may completely tear at the very fabric of the societal condition, but everyone must play its game. Resentment and hatred for peoples only create the very system that leftists wish to abolish. You cannot blow up a social relationship. You can appeal to human's rationale and plea for the preservation of human dignity. Both the prolatariat and the bourgeoisie are in this together, and only the naturally occuring conditions of alturism and reason can fix it. If you believe this cannot occur or does not exist. Then humans will have devolved as a social species and become more akin to our reptilian ancestors. The survival of the human species depends on democracy. I hope not all liberals are this cynical.

  2. A large portion of rich peoples' fortunes are made via nepotism, throat-cutting, luck, and an easier work day than those on the lower rung. 


    They are just as replaceable and their positions are protected by ownership laws and bureaucracy, not by merit.


    There is nothing wrong with being rich or successful. Your character is defined on whether or not you give back to your community that made your success possible. Adam Smith saw this as a naturally occuring feature of human nature to help the downtrodden and by an 'invisible hand' the misery induced by property accumulation would be offset by man's natural feelings of sympathy and empathy.

  3. He plans to fund enough projects that it will provide a guaranteed ($15/hr) to every unemployed person in America.  Our unemployment is around 4.1% right now, that's 13.4 million people or 380 billion in wages if you assume full-time work.  The unemployment numbers grow too if you consider what you said above...  This also assumes the .gov doesn't double or triple the cost through inefficiencies (which ALWAYS happens in .gov projects). 


    Also, the plan guarantees healthcare bennies...  who knows how much that is.


    This program could easily crack a trillion.


    The 'concept', imo, isn't terrible in that it could essentially reduce or eliminate the need for unemployment welfare and at the same time help improve our nations infrastructure (which we really need) and economies but I just don't see how it get's paid for w/o increasing taxes on people already in the work force substantially and compound our national debt.  You could subtract our unemployment welfare spending from the total cost but that's only about 67 billion.  A reduction in tax breaks for the corporations would help too but still...  when you look at this program and then think of all the other 'programs' socialists want like free healthcare, free education and now this, it gets ugly as shit from a dollar perspective.

    If the government purchases assets to utilise idle labour and create value adding assets, this fills the gap of unemployed rate. The goal is full employment and it is in the private sector's interest to have job-ready experienced workers to be picked up from a public sector job program. As an investor that requires labour, unemployment/the unemployed are considered 'damaged goods' because they don't have skills, have no references from past employment and may suffer many health issues associated with unemployment. These 'damages' to labour include poverty, crime, social isolation, depression, despair, substance abuse, political extremism, and relationship breakdown. I admit it is very difficult to cost just how much these symptoms of unemployment have on society in monetary terms, but it is a known fact that it eats away all levels of society and hampers economic growth. A job guarantee would essentially replace or at least minimize the welfare state and all the costs associated with mass involuntary unemployment. It's a smarter way at looking at the way money is used in an economy because it constructs value adding assets instead of financing social misery and dependence. It would create a smarter, healthier and happier workforce which makes employing them more attractive to the private sector. It is important that these jobs are organized in a democratic fashion that incorporates the needs and values of both conservatives and progressives and that it is costed to the penny without causing inflation or requiring taxation.

  4. Niku I'm not sure if you understand but minimum wage is 7.25 not 15. That's one of the primary reasons I am bashing it and assume the same for others.


    I work for a large company that tries to make everyone new start in one of the call centers. Last time I checked we were paying somewhere around 13 an hour. That's not a horrible deal for someone starting off out of college or someone without a degree trying to start a career.


    Guaranteeing 15 an hour would bone so many businesses so hard that they would have to shut down. Despite what gfh says, some places really can't afford to pay much more than they currently do and certainly couldn't keep operating if you got double the min wage guaranteed elsewhere.

    A job guarantee would hire as a last resort so it isn't competing with the private sector for workers. For some businesses, yes it is important for wage costs to be low to operate and it would not make sense for job seekers to choose the $8 per hour job over the $15 one unless there were unique personal benefits to that job such as friends or enjoyment. A loosening of taxes would offset the business' financial space to the worker which would ensure both the competiveness of the business and a living wage for workers.

  5. I don't think anybody is in favor of corporate welfare. Jobs for everyone at $15 an hour is still the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    I also might add that corporate welfare as of now probably exceeds anything a job guarantee would ever cost lol. Add the military on top of that and a minimum wage job for a few million people seems like nothing :)

  6. Kinda scary knowing people like you exist in this country thinking corps are gonna pay for everything w/o leaving.


    Lets also talk about a guaranteed (.gov) job program that will cost trillions in an extremely low unemployment economy, not to mention the inflation it potentially will cause.


    ...and this is on top of free healthcare, free education and an inflated welfare program.


    God u are fucking ra tarded.

    The level of unemployment in the US is screwed as governments move the goal post as to what is considered unemployed. You can work 1 hour a week and be considered employed, this is also not including the hidden figures of individuals who simply drop out of the workforce and have given up seeking work.


    1 in 4 Americans do not have a full time job. The job guarantee would be costed enough that it would utilise all idle labour and resources not being used by the private sector, but at the same time not be costed too high that it would cause inflation. If inflation occurs. Government's would tax accordingly or raise interest rates. However given America's attitudes towards taxation, it is simply better to aim for full employment with as little inflation as possible without needing to tax people.

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  7. We are going to start taxing the rich at 99.9% so that every American can make 15 an hour with health care....that will be the proposal

    Roosevelt taxed the wealthiest at 90% and it was the most prosperous era of American history. It was also the so called 'golden age' of capitalism.

  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2018/04/23/bernie-sanders-to-unveil-plan-to-guarantee-every-american-a-job/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d59b47d1b856


    "A representative from Sanders's office said they had not yet done a cost estimate for the plan or decided how it would be funded, saying they were still crafting the proposal."



    You can't have cost estimates when you haven't planned what jobs are going to be provided and whether the jobs would cause inflation. That requires a lot of research, planning and accounting. 

  9. Grandpa has lost his mind.


    At least he isn't just saying "free shit". Russia had work camps too.

    Wow, apparently being employed by the government to create value adding assets that were not being utilised by the private sector for the public is considered 'free shit'.


    I don't think a minimum wage job with healthcare and transitional policies to help the worker enter the private sector is comparable to a gulag.

  10. Imagine calling a progressive a phag liberal, like I know you're uncomfortable with your sexuality and are probably pro life, up until the child is born that is like any other conservative. They must be born!!!! After that though you know what they are alive aren't they? fuck em 

    lol when Americans think anything that isn't liberal is conservative/republican.


    Conservatives at least are honest about the shit they do. 'Tax cuts for the rich, fuck over poor people UMAD BRAH MURICA'


    Liberals are virtue signalling corporate stooges that are either rich, or plain dumb and haven't realised that supporting gay marriage doesn't make you progressive.


    Liberals pretend that they care. Which is honestly worse than Conservatives who are just plain honest that they fuckin hate other human beings.

  11. You're on an american website dumbfuck.

    I didn't know this website was American. I thought it was a website for the competitive Halo community. You know, a place where people all over the globe reside. But yeah thanks for the shit post and more obnoxious US nationalism. Fuck you too :)

  12. Maybe if they did you would know how to spell privatize.


    Government education is a failure. Anyone that thinks otherwise is dumb as fuck.

    Your post distinctly supports my argument as you display a solid inability to comprehend that there are other ways of spelling privatise that majority of the western world use other than the American accepted 'z' spelling. You are displaying your American ignorance quite well and if you could afford basic education maybe you would realise (yes realise that is how it is spelt in countries that aren't America) that there are other ways of spelling things aside from your special snowflake way of spelling.


    This thread is embarrassing. 

  13. Nah, the two are not the same...sorry. We saw what radar on crack (promethean vision) did to halo as a pickup. We know what radar has done to competitive halo already and that won't change as a pickup. I'll never like or welcome radar in any capacity in competitive halo.

    Just to fact check you on that one, Promethean vision was never used as a pickup in Halo: 4. Vanilla or Ghostayame settings. 


    It was a loadout in infinity slayer.

  14. What do you think of the competitive merit of a no radar gametype that features a physical radar pick up on the map you can use similar to armour abilities like the Jetpack in Reach and the Thruster for H4.


    Could produce some very interesting dynamics.


    Let me know what you guys think. It's not a feature in any Halo but I'd like to know what you guys think of this idea.

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  15. I'd like to see what beyond thinks of this statement.


    Come up with an argument either for or against the statement in the title. I personally believe Halo 4 is better but I wanna see what you guys say and what your reasoning is. You can talk about anything from Out of box settings, competitive settings, UI or just general enjoyment of the game doesn't matter, even campaign.


    I want some unbiased discussion on this.


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