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  1. 15 hours ago, RVG E Nomini said:

    Thanks for the concern bud. <3

    Let me know when you get scurvy and an inflamed rectum and report back okay. Hopefully the meat won't rot in your ass so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg at your horrendous American healthcare services to pull the beef out. Do it for a year and you'll get ass cancer.

  2. their goal is to entirely eliminate p2p fallback for the update. Sometimes p2p is used as the lobby host when looking for players or for the actual game itself. The goal is to connect to a server which hosts the lobby for pre game then instantly transfers you to a dedicated server. This can eliminate being able to pull IPs of random people in the game.

    I do not know but i assume if a player cannot connect to a dedi, they will be kicked and the search will be restarted.

    why would the lobby connect to a server only to connect to another server? Doesn't add up.

  3. pretty sure sep lives in NJ, other guy is from maryland, other guy from georgia. It's both. 1v1 and 4v4 but it's easier to tell in 1v1. M$ for sure has a dedi in VA. 

    There are lots of dedis in Virginia and you connect to them a lot in the current MCC build.


    No one can get any info on what the dedis actually are or where they are coming from because of the IP masking so it could be host for all we know LOL

  4. It really sticks out on 360p too lol. 


    camo is good for increasing your chance of the opponent missing the first shot because of no aim assist. that's its sole use.


    I mean, I wouldn't mind if it got buffed but the halo 2 purists were upset that the halo 2 br fired faster. now it fires slower so snipe is even more powerful. an option in custom games would be nice

    You said that there will be a lobby host which will then bridge to a dedicated server in MM.

    Is this going to be in the flight or in the full game?


    In the original MCC this already exists. Lobby leader is host and then after the countdown it says 'setting up game' and connects to the server. If someone can't connect to any available server it resorts to the lobby leader's host.


    Will this be in the final build and if it is, what if someone simply can't connect to any server? Will they just be kicked because there is no host fallback?

  5. Personally I'd rather just not get a game. I'd take that sacrifice because my solo/duo q would be so much more enjoyable.


    I'm literally a legit level 9 in the h2c playlist because I can't rank up because I just match parties and lose. and the population can support party vs party. I searched h2c and played 15 games yesterday. 8 were parties though usually parties of 3. if there was party vs party, they would just match each other. 

    Where did you get Dersky ama from?

    Why are UK kids being forced to play on US servers? Does not make much sense.

  6. Nah, the two are not the same...sorry. We saw what radar on crack (promethean vision) did to halo as a pickup. We know what radar has done to competitive halo already and that won't change as a pickup. I'll never like or welcome radar in any capacity in competitive halo.

    Just to fact check you on that one, Promethean vision was never used as a pickup in Halo: 4. Vanilla or Ghostayame settings. 


    It was a loadout in infinity slayer.

  7. What do you think of the competitive merit of a no radar gametype that features a physical radar pick up on the map you can use similar to armour abilities like the Jetpack in Reach and the Thruster for H4.


    Could produce some very interesting dynamics.


    Let me know what you guys think. It's not a feature in any Halo but I'd like to know what you guys think of this idea.

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  8. I'd like to see what beyond thinks of this statement.


    Come up with an argument either for or against the statement in the title. I personally believe Halo 4 is better but I wanna see what you guys say and what your reasoning is. You can talk about anything from Out of box settings, competitive settings, UI or just general enjoyment of the game doesn't matter, even campaign.


    I want some unbiased discussion on this.


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