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  1. The homeless are being frozen to death. There are 6 empty houses for every homeless person, fuck me America is a lovely society.
  2. Shitty rap culture about guns and money and cars n shit is the rootless lumpenproletarian brain washing of a systematically oppressed racial underclass. Arresting them is just the icing on the police brutality cake.
  3. This is the world you have built America.
  4. Borneo deforestation. Gilette is a buyer of palm oil from Wilmar. Pretty hypocritical of them to lecture men about toxic masculinity when they are literally profiting off of child slaves and destroying Borneo. Is having child slaves considered toxic masculinity? They're making endangered tiger species go extinct too. What a great role model for men to aspire to!
  5. I'm probably more conservative in the literal sense of the word than any of you 'conservatives' on this thread. I'm an Irish Republican, Scottish nationalist, unapologising Brexiteer and Australian Republican. I actually want to preserve and conserve the environment, my people and my communities while you all cheerlead for the oligarchs who are killing all of us slowly and simultaneously blame the weak and the poor for all of life's problems. Fascism is when private concentrated economic power takes government away from the people, turns government into a guarantor, a subsidizer, a covering of corporate power.
  6. The ancient forests of my sacred island are dying from record temperatures and uncontrollable fire you brainwashed climate science denying fucks.
  7. There are dozens of conservative Australian politicians embezzled in corruption. It's typical yeah, the liberal party has been pushing for race war really hard in the mainstream media so yeah there are some Nazis about. Too bad it's electoral suicide here in Australia and not a fucking campaign strategy in the US. Otherwise yeah don't care liberals can all get get hanged for treason for all I care.
  8. Conservatives are ironically hurt the most by conservative policies. The self harm is sad, but funny.
  9. I'm not here to write an essay. But if I did I could assure you my essay structure would be better than yours as I'm a distinguished post grad for international relations, sociology and economics. That saying I can't really compare my education with American's because they privatized everything and blocked themselves from education without taking on a trillion in debt. Fuckin idiots lmao
  10. Rubio seems to admit it's all for oil. Why can't the brickheads in the thread admit it or is the cognitive dissonance just too great?
  11. Might wanna refer to this you air head.
  12. Americans truly are some of the most dense people on earth.
  13. BuT thaT wAsNt ReAl aMeRiCaN frEeDoM yeah it is. Your tv told you it was when it happened.
  14. That's the definition. It is either true or false. Who am I kidding. I'm talking to some brainwashed child.
  15. a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
  16. You nerds are literally siding with a super villain.
  17. Abrams is known as the "Assistant Secretary of Dirty Wars," a title he earned during his stints with the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations: In 1993, after a UN truth commission which examined 22,000 atrocities that occurred during the twelve-year civil war in El Salvador, attributed 85 per cent of the abuses to the Reagan-assisted right-wing military and its death-squad allies, assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights Abrams said: “The administration’s record on El Salvador is one of fabulous achievement.” Abrams organized the illegal, covert financing of Contra rebels in Nicaragua behind the back of Congress, which had cut off funding. Abrams lied to Congress twice about his role with the Contras. He pleaded guilty to both counts in 1991 but was pardoned by George HW Bush. Abrams, a decade later, while working as special Middle East adviser to former president George W Bush, Abrams was an enthusiastic advocate of the disastrous Iraq invasion. Abrams was in the Bush White House at the time of the abortive coup in 2002 against the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Abrams helped lead the US effort to stage a coup to overturn the results of the 2006 Palestinian elections, complete with murder and torture.
  18. Russia is to communism what America is to democracy and freedom.

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