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  1. That isn't the point. Extremist content online directly correlates to terrorism in the real world. This is an uncomfortable truth that you 'freedumb' loving morons refuse to accept. You care more about the rights of Nazis and ISIS than the victims. How about ISIS terror attacks at their height? The attacks were DIRECTLY related to key ISIS propagandists operating online. When the propagandists were active with impunity, terror increased. When these propagandists were killed. The radicalization stopped. Now in 2019, White Supremacy and fascist propaganda are peaking and boy look what's going on, terrorism is increasing again! The victims of these terror attacks want to live, fuck your freedom for Nazis you apologist bootlicker. They should be 6 ft under.
  2. You're a terror threat if you do watch ISIS propaganda when it isn't done through an academic lens. When authorities don't imprison these people and an attack does happen, it's the right wing Islamophobic ******* who are the first to complain why nothing was done.
  3. Spare a thought for the real oppressed peoples. Nazis and ISIS.
  4. Free speech for ISIS Imams! I'd rather not die thanks
  5. We treat ISIS propaganda the same way. What's the issue?
  6. Your hero is a rapist who wants to fuck his own daughter #familyvalues
  7. Republican 'family man' = reality tv show rapist who has gone through three wives and bred with all of them
  8. So basically racist rednecks have more rights than other people? None of this matters anyway, America is an oligarchy, voting doesn't do shit everyone gets bought out to work for the super rich LOOOL Racist red necks may have more rights on paper, but they are poor, oppressed and starved of federal funding so its all good lol
  9. The civil war was about slavery. The electoral college is about slavery. The south never changes. There needed to be a two state solution.
  10. The north shit on the south. Why does the electoral college even exist. The north won the war. Why do racists have more power than everyone else when they were the ones that lost?
  11. I'm not a liberal. I'm a Marxist. I don't give a flying fuck. Just happy to see poor dumb cunt conservatives become more poor and more dumb under their dumbass grifter leader. You deserve the police state you're constructing. Now lie in it.
  12. Red states are poorer than blue states. Cry more. Liberals are objectively better than conservatives.
  13. If I recall, that Cyprus cunt a while back was posting gore porn of dead Muslim children in Palestine and fapping over it. There are people in this thread who share the rabid hatred of Muslims as the guy in NZ
  14. A lot of future Nazis in this thread right now
  15. America defacto has political control over the entire Americas. If America is going to choose economic policy for them then they should be able to vote.
  16. ah yes von Mises. The guy who was a Monarchist and then was the finance minister for the Austrian fascist fatherland front. The fascist talking about liberty. LOL This guy literally fucking hates freedom. He is incredibly Orwellian.
  17. This is the entire 'conservative' project. Push for the conditions in which they finally get to enact their deranged violent fantasies. Fucking arm yourself shitlibs, no matter how much you tow the line these motherfuckers will kill you regardless. You could strangle a resurrected Karl Marx with an American flag and these people will still eliminate you.
  18. History attests that when law and order breaks down, the most savage of the lot are brutally murdered along with their accomplices and a new order arises from the ashes where democracy can actually flourish. Humanity often gangs up on the most vile, toxic elements of it, hence our evolution as social species. My favorite antifascist song rn:
  19. If George Orwell's quote ever came to fruition. Your gene pool would swiftly reach a dead end. You're in a suicide cult like all of the authoritarian movements in history.
  20. They don't care about corruption or anything. They care about their side winning at all costs. It's the sign of a sick body politic that does not want democracy or liberal democracy. Any adherence to law, norms, customs is purely instrumental and selectively employed in order to acquire power. It is a trait of fascism. The south should have had their own state. Doesn't make any fucking sense why Americans tolerate having less rights than racist slave owners.
  21. Glorifying political violence. You're one fascist piece of shit aren't you?
  22. Got nothing against gays or being a bottom in a loving consensual relationship. Trump's relationship between him and his MAGA chuds is exploitation and is frankly an abusive relationship I don't support. Stop cutting yourself you self harming American dumb cunts.
  23. You're probably the biggest cock sucker on this forum.
  24. Most of these is shit like stealing their MAGA hat and throwing milk at racists. Whereas right wing terror is Nazis plotting gas attacks, MAGA chuds massacring black churches, Synagogues, endless examples. Right wing terror is infinitely more lethal than the crybaby shit you and Breitbart screech about. Some cop tried to assassinate AOC this week. The MAGA bomber in that fucked truck had similar motives. Endless terror.

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