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  1. Do you see a problem with stripping constitutional rights from people or outright murdering them because they hold a certain opinion? You're projecting the same vile authoritarian ideology you hold onto others. None of you motherfuckers actually support the constitution or freedom of speech.
  2. Right so according to 'conservatives' people should be murdered extra-legally via helicopter because they have a different opinion and should be stripped of their rights to assemble, speak as well as the rest of the supposed rights the constitution guarantees. And you say communists are the bad guys?
  3. Communists support freedom of speech.
  4. This is genocide talk right here. The scary part is that your type is an actual threat to human freedom because you Americans killed millions of Indonesian peasants simply for demanding more freedom and democracy.
  5. So much for freedom of speech from the oh so principled 'conservatives'.
  6. Oh look. Conservatives once again displaying their fascistic tendencies and radical authoritarianism in response to democracy. America, Pinochet, Milton Friedman, Chicago boys are evil.
  7. How do you know Bernie isn't a socialist? Most socialists don't say they are.
  8. Yes. Take away the rights to vote from one demographic and it's a slippery slope to voter suppression. If you are afraid of the democratic input of murderers and rapists you are pretty fucking dumb.
  9. America will be at war with Iran by 2020. Quote me when it happens.
  10. Liberals = filthy capitalist scum like Macron, Hillary, Tony fucking Blair, Obama, Malcolm Turnbull. Leftists = Corbyn, Bernie, Melanchon
  11. Remember that the deep state is attacking Trump from the RIGHT, not the left. Keep that in mind libtards who put their faith in cops, fbi, cia and other cancerous, murderous organisations.
  12. historical materialism is science
  13. I don't have any hate for people. I love the people who are religious which is why I want to see religion dead so they can be free on this earth right here right now, not in some magical utopia in their imagination.
  14. Religion is correlated with oppression, poverty, slavery and war. It is no coincidence that the most secular countries are the richest while the most poor are ridden with religious conflict. It's a tool of manipulation and control.
  15. Religion is the opium of the masses. It would be good to see religion die.
  16. Any money you have no fucking clue what anarchism is.
  17. Kropotkin is expansive in authority, politics, cooperation, revolution, labour, economics, agriculture, evolution, geography, literature, science, philosophy and ethics. I doubt there are many that has contributed as much as Kropotkin.
  18. No. From the Anarchist Philosopher Peter Kropotkin.
  19. The only time a Church is ever enlightening is when it is set on fire.
  20. Sorry pal. This is not your Reichstag fire. Wait your turn.
  21. Pundits are calling her ISIS Al Qaeda.
  22. You are so mad that you are too fucking stupid to even go to university in the first place lmaooo
  23. Nah they love America. You hate America.
  24. Lol, are armed black people considered terrorists to you people? 2nd amendment never encompasses oppressed peoples do they? haha The NRA are such scum.
  25. The nation is the vehicle to which socialism is achieved. Multilateralism is the vehicle to which universal human rights is achieved.

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