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  1. America will be at war with Iran by 2020. Quote me when it happens.
  2. Liberals = filthy capitalist scum like Macron, Hillary, Tony fucking Blair, Obama, Malcolm Turnbull. Leftists = Corbyn, Bernie, Melanchon
  3. Remember that the deep state is attacking Trump from the RIGHT, not the left. Keep that in mind libtards who put their faith in cops, fbi, cia and other cancerous, murderous organisations.
  4. historical materialism is science
  5. I don't have any hate for people. I love the people who are religious which is why I want to see religion dead so they can be free on this earth right here right now, not in some magical utopia in their imagination.
  6. Religion is correlated with oppression, poverty, slavery and war. It is no coincidence that the most secular countries are the richest while the most poor are ridden with religious conflict. It's a tool of manipulation and control.
  7. Religion is the opium of the masses. It would be good to see religion die.
  8. Any money you have no fucking clue what anarchism is.
  9. Kropotkin is expansive in authority, politics, cooperation, revolution, labour, economics, agriculture, evolution, geography, literature, science, philosophy and ethics. I doubt there are many that has contributed as much as Kropotkin.
  10. No. From the Anarchist Philosopher Peter Kropotkin.
  11. The only time a Church is ever enlightening is when it is set on fire.
  12. Sorry pal. This is not your Reichstag fire. Wait your turn.
  13. Pundits are calling her ISIS Al Qaeda.
  14. You are so mad that you are too fucking stupid to even go to university in the first place lmaooo
  15. Nah they love America. You hate America.
  16. Lol, are armed black people considered terrorists to you people? 2nd amendment never encompasses oppressed peoples do they? haha The NRA are such scum.
  17. The nation is the vehicle to which socialism is achieved. Multilateralism is the vehicle to which universal human rights is achieved.
  18. Most human interaction is rapey and non-consensual. Is it justice that Africans speak English and French while practicing Islam and Christianity as they work for their masters in the EU? Leftists desire freedom of movement within reason. It is a nuanced debate. Today's migration is FORCED movement.
  19. Linguistic genocide. The earth is going to be speaking nothing but English, Chinese, and French etc. All of Africa practice two foreign religions: Islam and Christianity. American markets and capitalism eat and spit out consumers who eat standardized commodities sold by multinational corporations all over the world. Evangelical Christianity is sweeping Latin America and robbing people of their traditional roots from indigenous culture to African culture to latin culture. Every country that does not want to bombed and destroyed by America must give up their natural resources that go towards their people and their cultural institutions and they must copy America with everything they do. Here in Australia, media deals have destroyed traditional Australian comedy, culture, entertainment, values and replaced them with American shit. Australia since WW2 has gone from a traditional working class British country to a cosmopolitan country based on American culture. Even black rap hip off is purely an American cultural phenomenon. It's a product of a racial underclass who buy into American capitalism. African Americans are culturally rootless. This is found less in Latin American countries but it is happening there too. Malcom X would have been disgusted. I could rant some more but these are just some examples.
  20. Then why do you motherfuckers always support privatization? I am more conservative than anyone in this thread.
  21. Also lol @ Americans always talking up culture like American capitalism isn't the biggest cultural wrecking ball the earth has ever seen:
  22. You do realize capitalism forces multiculturalism right? It's either socialism or national socialism. Choose one bud.
  23. Racial differences are environmentally induced. Generations of living in the north selects for white skin. Living in the heat selects for black skin. Exposure to a horse based milk diet selects for lactose tolerance. Culture doesn't inform racial difference, culture informs the race's behaviour which arises out of environmental diversity.
  24. Culture is created by environment. Chinese people don't eat dogs because 'lol squinty eyes'. They eat them out of scarcity of protein.

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