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  1. Holy shit why is Bernie so cool!
  2. He's been building a movement his entire life lol.
  3. You're surprised billionaires don't like taxes?
  4. Also good to know that given America is barely committing troops to their conventional warfare on a country of 80 million people. Australia's Liberal party will almost definitely contribute troops like the cucks that they are. Australia since it was couped by the CIA in the 1970s has been America's bitch ever since.
  5. lel You're responsible for the next wave of war, global terror and refugees when the war with Iran happens.
  6. They're not even close to socialist. They are liberals. Also it is *Labor The new government is benefiting me with massive corporate welfare. It benefits me. It fucks over workers. I don't care. Let the class war continue.
  7. The difference in foreign policy between Republicans and Democrats is Democrats will instigate a couple of fascist coups, drone assassination campaigns, support 'moderate rebels' to economic warfare campaigns while Republicans will do all of that and will at least deliver one ground war.
  8. Trump has the exact same substance as Macron.
  9. They are pests eating our native species you idiot.
  10. America's sanctions have murdered 40,000 Venezuelans. Trump and Obama should be executed for crimes against humanity according to the Nuremberg Laws.
  11. Ben Shapiro is alt=right but for Israel.
  12. This is conservatives actually. Radical reactionaries wishing to usurp the social order.
  13. A religious alt right nut job claiming to having a monopoly on factz and logic is the most hilarious thing I've seen from modern American discourse. You are all freaks and your future is fucking bleak judging from the quality of this thread.
  14. Communist empire is an oxymoron.
  15. Yeah because they have higher IQs. More high IQ citizens the better. Diversity is our strength.
  16. Diversity is our strength though. Why do you think all the richest, smartest, best migrants all go to these countries?
  17. All these countries are full of leftists lol
  18. Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, East Germany, the Baltic states, the Balkans, most of Eastern Europe are all majority white and they're all shit holes. The richest countries on earth are all cosmopolitan.
  19. Most racially homogeneous countries are often third world shit holes. That's how global capitalism works
  20. Very normal, healthy political discussion. America is a very normal country.
  21. You don't get to own sarcasm when you post that shit when there is a large portion of your crowd of 'conservatives' who unironically believe in murdering their political opponents.
  22. Actually read from Marx and you won't look like a dickhead when you post.

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