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  1. Americans are so fucking stupid they honestly think Hong Kongers are freedom (tm) loving American patriots when they're waving those shit flags because they know Americans are the only ones capable of fighting the People's Liberation Army. I guess it has obviously worked.
  2. No one becomes a billionaire without raping something or someone.
  3. All the interest in Trump being a pedo comes entirely from California? lol How the fuck can your partisanship in a fake democracy be so strong? How the fuck can you disbelieve your eyes and ears that all these billionaires are pedos working together to cover up their rape. From Clinton, to Trump. They're all on the same fucking team and you Trump loving dumbasses still think he's some sort of hero. North Korea citizens have freer thoughts than you motherfuckers.
  4. the only red pill bourgeois class collaboration among billionaires dishes out:
  5. Nothing unites the confrontational major parties and politicians more than their natural class interests.
  6. Obama did ramp up arrests & deportations. Trump is continuing it & making it even worse. Such is the nature of the largest apartheid state the earth has ever seen.
  7. *Offence Those refugees came from countries that where the pentagon installed tinpot dictator puppet governments. It is an offence budget. America does not do defense.
  8. Moron over here thinks firms are being nice to workers by keeping them on instead of just fucking lowering their costs where they can by automating. Brain genius over here
  9. You're a ****** who doesn't understand public finance. Make an argument based on models or a framework or shut the fuck up
  10. You stop there because the wage is inclusive enough for everyone with a job to participate in society without inflation. That's why you stop. "The Squad" actually has an economic plan and framework unlike the rest of the cuntry
  11. Bernie gets 5 hours of sleep when Labour activists have historically fought for 8. What's the point?
  12. I was talking about latin America dude
  13. Yeah it is actually. Tell your government to stop being narco terrorists in latin america
  14. Peak liberalism is thinking socialiam is taxes.
  15. gay asian fascists exist yeah. Fascism is an ideology, not an identity you identity politics moron.
  16. Your claim is at odds with what America has been doing in latin America for over a century. NAFTA has made Mexico poorer. America's hybrid warfare on Venezuela means that people looking for work and prosperity are now migrating to the US instead of Venezuela. America's soft coup on Brazil whose Labour movement has lifted millions out of poverty is now creating death and destruction from the remnants of the past America backed dictatorship. America is destroying Brazilian democracy and its economy and ecology. Obama's fascist dictatorship in Honduras is pushing people to America trying to escape violence from state terror. Overall, Latin America has been getting worse off because of America's actions in the hemisphere. People should not give a fuck about America's borders because America doesn't give a fuck about anyone elses including you.
  17. Why can't Republicans say they want open borders? They certainly don't care where their military, political and economic operations go in the world. Why should people respect America's borders when America does not respect theirs?
  18. agreed remove the rest of the journalists and the MAGA chuds as well and we have a deal
  19. No one 'pays' for war stuff. The government uses its sovereign currency to buy resources and labour to create the war machine. It is a defacto nationalization. The government then uses those resources to invest (rape and plunder) other nation's resources and labour via military force. Those returns however go to private multinational corporations. The labour and resources that the government bought up from the public was not invested in the public. Public resources were invested for private profit. And of course the soldiers, the labourers etc don't get a cut from the war lol The government can do this because the USD acquires value through taxation. If you don't need to be taxed there is no incentive to work to acquire dollars. This is why governments levy taxes to make you find USD. And only the US government can create those dollars. If you don't pay your tax you go to jail. That is the incentive.
  20. Yeah it is. The state enforces taxation through the threat of violence and uses the resources acquired to terrorize further through the enforcement of property contracts. The cops are a 24/7 occupying force. And they work for capital exclusively as they do for every state.
  21. What the fuck. Police enforce capitalism and defend property from the proletariat. Just because something is a tax doesn't make it socialist lmfao. The government taxes and spends endlessly on the ruling class. That isn't socialist lol

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