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  1. Wow, apparently being employed by the government to create value adding assets that were not being utilised by the private sector for the public is considered 'free shit'. I don't think a minimum wage job with healthcare and transitional policies to help the worker enter the private sector is comparable to a gulag.
  2. lol when Americans think anything that isn't liberal is conservative/republican. Conservatives at least are honest about the shit they do. 'Tax cuts for the rich, fuck over poor people UMAD BRAH MURICA' Liberals are virtue signalling corporate stooges that are either rich, or plain dumb and haven't realised that supporting gay marriage doesn't make you progressive. Liberals pretend that they care. Which is honestly worse than Conservatives who are just plain honest that they fuckin hate other human beings.
  3. Are there any leftists in this thread that aren't phag liberals? Just asking cause it makes the thread interesting.
  4. There are plenty of military spaces that the US can acquire their interests regardless of the nuclear age.
  5. All I see is shit posting in this thread. Fuck these liberals and conservatives, where the REAL left at?
  6. I didn't know this website was American. I thought it was a website for the competitive Halo community. You know, a place where people all over the globe reside. But yeah thanks for the shit post and more obnoxious US nationalism. Fuck you too
  7. Your post distinctly supports my argument as you display a solid inability to comprehend that there are other ways of spelling privatise that majority of the western world use other than the American accepted 'z' spelling. You are displaying your American ignorance quite well and if you could afford basic education maybe you would realise (yes realise that is how it is spelt in countries that aren't America) that there are other ways of spelling things aside from your special snowflake way of spelling. This thread is embarrassing.
  8. This thread is the reason why you shouldn't privatise education.
  9. What do you think of the competitive merit of a no radar gametype that features a physical radar pick up on the map you can use similar to armour abilities like the Jetpack in Reach and the Thruster for H4. Could produce some very interesting dynamics. Let me know what you guys think. It's not a feature in any Halo but I'd like to know what you guys think of this idea.
  10. Just to fact check you on that one, Promethean vision was never used as a pickup in Halo: 4. Vanilla or Ghostayame settings. It was a loadout in infinity slayer.
  11. I'd like to see what beyond thinks of this statement. Come up with an argument either for or against the statement in the title. I personally believe Halo 4 is better but I wanna see what you guys say and what your reasoning is. You can talk about anything from Out of box settings, competitive settings, UI or just general enjoyment of the game doesn't matter, even campaign. I want some unbiased discussion on this.
  12. I've picked it up and dropped it that many times. Maybe I just don't like the magical girl genre idk
  13. Honestly this election is just a lose, lose scenario. Regardless of who gets in, the standard of living in America is only going to get worse post GFC.

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