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  1. Inequality. Alienation. The fact that every US school looks and feels like a prison. No hope for the future. Nihilism. Internet providing an outlet for political extremism. No outlet for mental healthcare. There are discussions that do not lead to gun control. They are just discussions that get shouted down as communism. Democrats and Republicans deliberately lead the discussion to gun control.
  2. Expansionism is not democratic. Expansionism is not peaceful. Modernity, technology, western are irrelevant concepts. https://www.timesofisrael.com/plurality-of-jewish-israelis-want-to-expel-arabs-study-shows/ Half of them want arabs to be second class citizens. War is peace isn't it?
  3. Is being a shit human part of the joke or are you actually a reptile? @TheOnion
  4. What did the protesters do that warranted murder? Why is taking a person's life proportionate punishment for resisting annexation? Is execution of French resistance freedom fighters in Vichy France regardless of their views on homosexuality considered adequate to you?
  5. Executions take away the dignity of a human being regardless of whether they were peaceful or violent. Regardless of who they were. Israel state forces did not act proportionately in accordance with international law. I am saddened that you see execution as proportionate punishment for rightful resistance to apartheid and annexation. I'm very curious. What drives you to support war cimres?
  6. So is this the 'if that guy said this, then all of X must be Nazis' argument? You're drawing attention away from the issues/crimes of the state of Israel. Purposely, dehumanizing all of the Palestinians, concerned citizens and human rights watchdogs as evil based on the alleged words of a dead Palestinian long ago. In fact the quote you posted was not even on the wikipedia page you linked. The quote was told by the PM of Israel in a speech, which holocaust historians conclude overwhelmingly as baseless. So not only are you debasing an entire nation on the arbitrary and historically inconclusive anti-semitism of one person (the wikipedia page clearly said that 'Historians dispute whether his fierce opposition to Zionism was grounded in nationalism or antisemitism or a combination of both'), but you are also making a false accusation that Palestinian nationalists were solely responsible for the radicalization of Nazi policy from expulsion toward the final solution. Your posts are historically and factually inaccurate. Your partisanship for Israel is on full display right now and you obviously do not care whether you are right or wrong, only that you attempt to smear your political enemies as much as possible. It's the modus operandi of war-propagandists.
  7. Depends on the source. Anyone can contribute to wiki. You can have high quality sources, or you can have tabloid trash, blogs and conspiracy theories.
  8. I can't tell if this is satire or not.
  9. When common civic concern for other humans is considered Communism by Americans lmao.
  10. If wages are provided by the government in the form of a job guarantee and that wage is negotiated at a socially inclusive rate irrespective of what the private sector negotiates, it would not render people befitting from a socially inclusive wage 'greedy'. We are all self interested creatures with basic needs and if a government sets the market price for labour, we would all benefit from it's inherent security, and cover costs of poverty. The constitution of the World Health Organisation says: The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without the distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition. The declaration of human rights, article 25 of the UN says: Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control. (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection. Assuming you live in the US, the constitution's first three worlds 'We the people,' affirms the government's existence to serve its citizens.
  11. Contraction of state fiscal policy. Higher taxation and/or more public expenditure cutting. This creates unemployment which gives capitalists lower labour costs. The more robots take these jobs, the more competitive these positions in the work force becomes, meaning lower prices but ALSO lowered wages. Benefits owners of existing capital/assets, destroys labour.
  12. Not really applicable as the currency is a public monopoly, where the funds for welfare ultimately come from the state. The funds for taxation were produced and issued by the state. So no it's not other people's money, it is not the tax payer's money.
  13. Adam Smith's basic argument is that rich people would simply feel sorry for renters and labourers and would naturally give something back. The more society becomes a hive mind through technology, the easier it will be to feel for others suffering in far away lands. I hopr at least.
  14. The costs of unemployment is paradoxically higher than employing them.Welfare Sickness Crime And even general stupidity drains the life force of an economy. I'm sorry I can't get a figure going because these things are the hidden costs of unemployment. It is merely an inductive claim based on evidence from the years of full employment from the 40s to the 70s.
  15. Do you believe the political class would change? Societal regression is observably cyclical. Marxism is very deterministic and a form of 'left wing' accelerationism. It argues against the very concept of free will, and references capitalism as a breathing organism that murders and pillages humanity but at the same time accelerates the advancement of technology. My point being is that there is no real solution. Greed is human nature, and only alturism and empathy can smoothen the edges of capital's paradoxically creative but destructive forces. Only the human condition can clutch onto human dignity and if like you say, humans are incapable of maintaining such trait, then humans as a species risks extinction.
  16. What are your main addresses to the job guarantee? I'll attempt to answer as best I can.
  17. I disagree. There are sinful people from every social class. This is one case that I dislike about leftists. They see success under capitalism as evil without even acknowledging competion in markets is mandatory no matter who you are. Capitalism may completely tear at the very fabric of the societal condition, but everyone must play its game. Resentment and hatred for peoples only create the very system that leftists wish to abolish. You cannot blow up a social relationship. You can appeal to human's rationale and plea for the preservation of human dignity. Both the prolatariat and the bourgeoisie are in this together, and only the naturally occuring conditions of alturism and reason can fix it. If you believe this cannot occur or does not exist. Then humans will have devolved as a social species and become more akin to our reptilian ancestors. The survival of the human species depends on democracy. I hope not all liberals are this cynical.
  18. There is nothing wrong with being rich or successful. Your character is defined on whether or not you give back to your community that made your success possible. Adam Smith saw this as a naturally occuring feature of human nature to help the downtrodden and by an 'invisible hand' the misery induced by property accumulation would be offset by man's natural feelings of sympathy and empathy.
  19. If the government purchases assets to utilise idle labour and create value adding assets, this fills the gap of unemployed rate. The goal is full employment and it is in the private sector's interest to have job-ready experienced workers to be picked up from a public sector job program. As an investor that requires labour, unemployment/the unemployed are considered 'damaged goods' because they don't have skills, have no references from past employment and may suffer many health issues associated with unemployment. These 'damages' to labour include poverty, crime, social isolation, depression, despair, substance abuse, political extremism, and relationship breakdown. I admit it is very difficult to cost just how much these symptoms of unemployment have on society in monetary terms, but it is a known fact that it eats away all levels of society and hampers economic growth. A job guarantee would essentially replace or at least minimize the welfare state and all the costs associated with mass involuntary unemployment. It's a smarter way at looking at the way money is used in an economy because it constructs value adding assets instead of financing social misery and dependence. It would create a smarter, healthier and happier workforce which makes employing them more attractive to the private sector. It is important that these jobs are organized in a democratic fashion that incorporates the needs and values of both conservatives and progressives and that it is costed to the penny without causing inflation or requiring taxation.
  20. A job guarantee would hire as a last resort so it isn't competing with the private sector for workers. For some businesses, yes it is important for wage costs to be low to operate and it would not make sense for job seekers to choose the $8 per hour job over the $15 one unless there were unique personal benefits to that job such as friends or enjoyment. A loosening of taxes would offset the business' financial space to the worker which would ensure both the competiveness of the business and a living wage for workers.
  21. I also might add that corporate welfare as of now probably exceeds anything a job guarantee would ever cost lol. Add the military on top of that and a minimum wage job for a few million people seems like nothing
  22. The level of unemployment in the US is screwed as governments move the goal post as to what is considered unemployed. You can work 1 hour a week and be considered employed, this is also not including the hidden figures of individuals who simply drop out of the workforce and have given up seeking work. 1 in 4 Americans do not have a full time job. The job guarantee would be costed enough that it would utilise all idle labour and resources not being used by the private sector, but at the same time not be costed too high that it would cause inflation. If inflation occurs. Government's would tax accordingly or raise interest rates. However given America's attitudes towards taxation, it is simply better to aim for full employment with as little inflation as possible without needing to tax people.
  23. Roosevelt taxed the wealthiest at 90% and it was the most prosperous era of American history. It was also the so called 'golden age' of capitalism.
  24. You can't have cost estimates when you haven't planned what jobs are going to be provided and whether the jobs would cause inflation. That requires a lot of research, planning and accounting.

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