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  1. There is nothing stopping the government from purchasing idle resources and labour and putting it to use. Saying things won't work without giving any reasons why is not an argument. I can't accept claims without evidence to support your conclusion. You make claims in which I have answered all of them and concluded why all your premises are false. A jobs guarantee would not compete with the private sector because businesses don't want the unemployed (hence why they are unemployed in the first place!) There is nothing stopping the government from bringing idle resources into productive use There is no constraint on government revenues when the government has a monopoly on the currency and can issue it at will. If the government wanted to fund education 100% like it did in the past it could. If the government wanted to provide healthcare for all it could. There is no financial constraint on the government's capacity to provide these services. The only constraint is the real resources within the economy.
  2. You cannot have a love of ones country if you do not advocate a socially minded economy that benefits the people in that country. Selfish individualism and capitalism are incompatible with a love of ones own country. There is nothing wrong with success, but outright parasitism without giving back to ones community or country is incompatible with patriotism.
  3. You need not to worry. This plan is not going to compete with the private sector because it is employing the unemployed that the private sector do not want. This will also assure a living wage for all because it will give workers the bargaining power to demand the private sector match the $15 an hour wage or they will work for the public sector instead. Please explain how these plans won't work. What is stopping the government's capacity to buy idle resources that are for sale in its own currency and using them to implement a world class healthcare system for all. Aside from targeting price stability, why would you need to tax the 1% to pay for all the real resources that is already there in the economy that the government can purchase with it's currency any time it likes? Your taxes don't pay for social services. It is a targeted price control mechanism. I'm glad you recognise Bernie's patriotism. It takes a lot of time, negotiation and planning to figure out how much money is going to be spent in what areas of the economy with what resources that will produce real value-adding assets. You can propose a job guarantee, free healthcare and free college, but we are simply at the stage of proposal. Figuring out what work needs to be done in the country takes a lot of time. The first steps would be tax cuts followed by large public infrastructure projects. The US is a crumbling mess. There is no end of work to do that will not be done by the private sector.
  4. why would the lobby connect to a server only to connect to another server? Doesn't add up.
  5. No your post is not clear. You are using politically loaded terms with no real meaning to them. What specifically does Bernie have in mind that you see will fail? Give me a policy and why it will fail.
  6. There are lots of dedis in Virginia and you connect to them a lot in the current MCC build. No one can get any info on what the dedis actually are or where they are coming from because of the IP masking so it could be host for all we know LOL
  7. You said that there will be a lobby host which will then bridge to a dedicated server in MM. Is this going to be in the flight or in the full game? In the original MCC this already exists. Lobby leader is host and then after the countdown it says 'setting up game' and connects to the server. If someone can't connect to any available server it resorts to the lobby leader's host. Will this be in the final build and if it is, what if someone simply can't connect to any server? Will they just be kicked because there is no host fallback?
  8. Tell me why it is stupid and a joke. I have claimed that Trump is not a patriot and is looking after himself. I have claimed that Bernie is a patriot and that his policies will help America. You obviously do not agree with me so tell me specifically how and why Bernie is not a patriot or why his policies will not help America. I can't really discuss any further on the topic than that until you elaborate.
  9. I'm not sure how but wasn't there party collusion against Bernie Sanders in the 2016 campaign proved by wikileaks. I don't know the specifics but I am sure as hell positive that Bernie is more popular than both Trump and Hillary.
  10. Tell me a policy idea that Bernie has in mind and why it will fail.
  11. Care to elaborate why you think the post is a joke and not worth responding to?
  12. Where did you get Dersky ama from? Why are UK kids being forced to play on US servers? Does not make much sense.
  13. I disagree. Trump's only allegiance is to himself and maybe his family. That's how I see him anyway. Bernie's commitment is clearly for the well being and future of his country and his policy proposals aim to help everyday people.
  14. Controversial opinion: You can't be a patriot or a nationalist, without being a socialist
  15. No. I did not say you were. I said your views on freedom of speech align with fascists and Stalin's view on freedom of speech. You either believe in freedom of speech for views you don't like or you don't believe in freedom of speech at all. Stalin didn't think his political opponents were human either, nor did he believe they were worthy of the basic rights to their own thought.
  16. A quick google search shows there have been many cases of 3rd amendment violations which look as if the cases were playing semantics between police officer and soldier. Your listing of armoured vehicles to say that the US police aren't militarized isn't a very good argument considering these police (soldiers) posses all the infantry gear of the first gulf war. In your example of dealing with rioters, the European countries have no problem policing large crowds with non-lethal methods and still manage to maintain law and order and preserve the dignity of citizens. As for your argument that police should have army gear because citizens can buy the same stuff you forget to mention that most citizens actually can't purchase military grade weapons without going through red tape. It is silly to say that police forces that are beginning to look more like standing armies than civil servants are justified in using military grade weapons to police populations that can't even afford to buy military grade weapons. Overall you are justifying the use of military gear against citizens because you are afraid of crime and don't really care whether or not this makes the third amendment arbitrary or not. I don't see this view as normal.
  17. It's a pretty basic argument really. The lines between military and police are blurring. Police are entering private property with traditional military equipment, and doing whatever they like. If there is anything I have missed or if I am interpreting the 3rd amendment wrong, inform me. I am not a US citizen.
  18. On the contrary, your views on freedom of speech are more akin to fascists and Stalinist's beliefs on freedom of speech. I am not denying there are sections of American society who sympathize with these movements (you're proving that yourself) and that considering communists as 'subhuman' and undeserving of basic human rights, however I personally believe there are multiple visions of what America as a country should be. There are people that subscribe to the US constitution which is the law of the land, then there are people such as you who hate it and want to see it destroyed. You are allowed to have that view, but don't be mad when true patriots give you the cold shoulder.
  19. Cyprus posted porn and it got deleted. Doesn't detract your previous post saying people with communist views are not human and undeserving of their right to speech. You fail the first amendment of your own constitution. You're as unamerican as they come.
  20. These police officers are more equipped for domestic disturbances than in Baghdad first gulf war. To even argue that this much firepower in a domestic environment won't be prone to bill of rights violations is absurd giving power imbalances and ignorance of civil rights.
  21. Residing is not the same as quartering. Military gear is the gear troops use in war time.
  22. Freedom is speech is cringe? I didn't know so many people hate freedom of speech in this forum. Wow.
  23. Montage was shit. Your foreign connection carried you through. 0/10
  24. The Third Amendment, or Amendment III of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that prohibits soldiers from temporarily residing in private homes during peace time without getting the permission and consent of the owner. Police and soldier equipment have become almost identical. From what I understand, this right needs to be updated a bit at least with the 4th amendment.
  25. Police can quarter in American private properties with military gear for whatever reason they see fit. Police do it often and people do not know their rights so they do not or cannot contest. Not to mention it is difficult to argue with a guy in military gear in your own home for whatever reason.

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