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  1. No. Cons/libs aren't a metric for gauging intelligence. Liberals are on average however, more intelligent. There is a correlation.
  2. Do it stay on the diet. Jordan Peterson suicide diet. Do it for a whole year I dare you.
  3. My MAGA guy is officially broken.
  4. What the fuck are you even talking about you drongo? You're just rambling at this point. Go back to posting NPC pngs. It was easier on your head.
  5. The incel word probably hit a nerve too lmao.
  6. Nah it's cause your posts are unoriginal and shit. You've posted the NPC meme multiple times like a bot. It's ironic as fuck.
  7. You post pol tier memes drawn in paint on a video game site and probably jerk off to trannies in your hentai that you watch because you can't get a girlfriend due to your autistic incel ideology.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumpenproletariat This kid is basically the disorganised cuck of the ruling class, to be used as a pawn and exploited by elites. The lumpenproletariat is a confused, angry, hopeless, manipulated bunch.
  9. And you're at the margins of society, you're poor, thick, no political power and you bash yourself in the head for consenting to Republican rule who make it their life's mission to make you poorer, dumber, alienated and induced in a false consciousness. And you're calling me the cuck? LMAO. It's almost hilarious if it weren't so sad that MAGA chuds like you drag millions of innocents down with you.
  10. My position that I would wish to see the world rid of weapons of war is consistent with my view that I would not think for a second to drop the gun. You see. I'm not some limp dick liberal like most of your Koch industries concocted caricatures portray me. As a Communist I know as much as you do that political power grows from the barrel of a gun, and that politics isn't some jousting game in the 'market place of ideas,' rather it is a class war with a class enemy that seeks to undermine collective security and freedom. I wouldn't think twice in shooting fascists who are the natural enemy of the working class and freedom.
  11. Literally a fake quote that derives from the real quote 'The fascists of the future will come in the name of Americanism' (meaning nationalism ie MAGA) It originated from a Great Depression left wing populist Bernie Sanders kinda dude. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huey_Long I'm also pro guns, because I don't trust 40 million rabid authoritarian Americans who despise democracy of whom 20 million of them are white supremacists and many of them ready for a dictatorship as per their Qanon fetish. It's difficult to deal with people like you because you don't actually subscribe to any notions of compromise or democracy or truth. Or any coherent political views btw You want your enemies dead and defeated. Like it's a football game or a war. These nerds are fuckin childs play man. Hit me up with some more fascist concocted bullshit. I'm loving it.
  12. You are probably a fascist. All the conservative revolutionaries of Weimar Germany were basic shitposters like you that aimed to troll, harass and provoke.
  13. The higher the IQ, the more likely the individual with the authoritarian personality type is a sociopath/psychopath. I'm guessing you're the authoritarian personality type given you lack the capacity to fucking read my post correctly. You're too unintelligent to display more sophisticated antisocial symptoms.
  14. Never a good way to start off an argument with 'here's what my psychologist has assessed'. You sound like you have issues. False. Cyprus only a few pages ago observed all of the richest people in America are stereotypical liberals with the exception of the oil crowd that rely on nationalism, and warmongering for their gains. Conservatives at the aggregate level have lower IQs than liberals.
  15. The higher the IQ, the more likely the individual with the authoritarian personality type is a sociopath/psychopath.
  16. confirmed Brad Pitt willing to go through with holocaust 2.0 cause it 'triggers da libs' you're a living meme
  17. Didn't see dis one coming guis. Socialism killz, they starve their own people. Come help Amerikkka!
  18. The fascist insurrection in Venezuela has begun. Can't wait to be dogpiled by right wingers and 'leftists' as to why Venezuela needs some good ol American freedom™️
  19. Even if Trump were to be voted out, he would make sure upon his exit from the institution of the president that he would go out of his way as much as he can to trash the legitimacy of democratic institutions by crying 'rigged' like he did before he was elected president. He would go further to create new forms of defacto political institutions and mechanisms in order to continue to shape and influence the domestic and foreign policy of the United States as well as to solidify his cult of personality. What billionaires do is exert influence in the private sector using their huge leverage in capital to capture non-government institutions and plant as many cronies into the lobbying business in Washington as possible. Trump may be gone, but his cronies would be there to stay, and not to worry for the Trump cultists out there. Trump will have his 'Trump TV' and twitter where he can incessantly undermine the institutions of America and speak directly with his increasingly indoctrinated base. You act like America is a democracy. It's cute.
  20. Gillette is an evil company that played everyone. GG
  21. So he went from a nationalist and upon coming to power became a gangster? This is basically the trajectory of Trump, it's hilarious you don't see it because you are the American version of the red guards who will do anything to keep Trump's grip on power even if it means shutting down the government, and sabotaging the economy. Just replace 'revisionists' with deep state democrats.
  22. Mao Zedong is closer to Republicans than he is to Democrats actually. He was a smelly, rabid nationalist who was a paedophile and used violent kids with little red books instead of little red hats to destroy the institutions of China. Perfect for the modern GOP.
  23. 'Gays and mixing races are gross haha' Pretty sure that's an autistic, racist bigoted version of satire. There was no punchline, nothing interesting said, basically packaged his prejudices as satire, no creativity. Unoriginal. 0/10 Bigots are cunts.
  24. Charity work is just a corporate cult of personality. It is the literal definition of virtue signalling. Philanthropy is a front for infiltrating civil society, and NGOs to launder money and to push their agenda (to make more money). When you control telecommunications, the schools, the media, churches, do you think this is freedom? lol

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