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  1. Here is Rubio placing the Eliot Abrams the genocidal war criminal who has murdered thousands and toppled dozens of democratic governments in Latin America as special envoy. Here is the Nazi flat out admitting it's for the oil.
  2. lol, you're going to be wrong, like the rest of you warmongers in America who follow the media like sheep. You won't ever say sorry for it though. Because by the time word gets out that it was just another of 100s of CIA ops you will already be cheering for the next one. The cycle repeats. I hope Trump eats your babies.
  3. When the media says WMD's, you support the invasion. And you bash anyone who goes against the narrative.
  4. All of those sources come from people who literally have a stake in stealing their oil. 'The mainstream media is corrupt' - says the MAGA chud who employs them every time they write something that furthers their own delusions. You're a fuckin idiot.
  5. I also would like to add that the monarchists and Islamist regimes of OPEC have also coordinated in its attempts bring Venezuela to kneel to the corporate masters of America by flooding the oil market and disrupting Venezuelan balance of payments. All this talk about bring freedom(tm) and democracy to Venezuela while they partner with the savage Saudi 9/11 bombers and terrorists.
  6. The 'socialist regime' is no more corrupt or probably less corrupt than the American government. America actually has more corruption than Venezuela does. You Americans are just projecting your vile fascist politics onto others. You're not worth discussing the facts to because you would have been the same blood thirsty tyrant who wanted to go into Iraq and Libya.
  7. They can produce their own food and they still do. The food and things they aren't getting are being hoarded, burned and smuggled by numerous actors hostile to the government. Things that can be bought and sold by locals are available. Items sold by large corporate food chains are selectively hoarded to stress the public. And they are inconsistently selected by item. It is all artificial shortages. 90% of the economy depends on oil exports. I replied earlier that Venezuela has had zero time to diversify industry because it has been in the hands of the IMF since forever. Oil production has decreased by the chief recipient of Venezuelan oil is America who has effectively blocked the starving nation from access to US currency which is required for business to buy and trade things. Venezuela cannot access other western banks who have all frozen billions of dollars worth of assets. Sorry but the stories from the bloodthirsty mainstream media are lying and want the oil.
  8. The internet and your phone was government funded and privatized by big business who subsequently profited off of it. Now we have an Orwellian big tech hellhole. That's a pretty good success story.
  9. Because of the embargo and the freezing of transactions and assets from the people who stole the oil in the first place. Venezuelan oil does not belong to America.
  10. Venezuela had 20 years to diversify their economy and protect their industries when Chavez was elected and the Americans went out of their way to destroy them by any means necessary. My one critique of Venezuela is that they didn't defend themselves good enough. Venezuela, like Cuba has gone through 500 years of colonial slavery. It is very difficult to 180 the economy from a resource conduit set up by the IMF and World Bank to a sovereign nation. The US puppet that claimed presidency vows to privatize the oil as soon as possible and take a loan through the IMF from globalist bankers. Venezuela was never socialist, rather socialism was the moral vehicle for the Venezuelan people to claim their sovereignty in a bitter struggle that has lasted 500 years. This is why the soldiers will not defect. They see the coup for what it is and will defend the nation as patriots should.
  11. 70% of Venezuela's economy is owned by the private sector, and billionaires run rampant. But of course it's sOcIaLiSM? Do you know the actual definition of socialism? Just curious.
  12. Let me know when you get scurvy and an inflamed rectum and report back okay. Hopefully the meat won't rot in your ass so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg at your horrendous American healthcare services to pull the beef out. Do it for a year and you'll get ass cancer.
  13. Blah blah blah anarchism has rules you dipshit go play some btb and hide in a corner with rockets ya brickhead
  14. It's precisely that Mexico has abusive trade relations with NAFTA as to why they suffer economically. If only America fucked off and respected other's sovereignty, and other countries could succeed. Go home yankee
  15. Communism often advocates more personal property for all than capitalists do. But yeah keep screeching about nothing and defending the eternal butchering of latin America by Nazi level war criminals. You look really cool.
  16. I'm more richer and productive than you would ever be so yeah nice ad hominem fallacy.
  17. Ron Paul is the only Republican talking sane. He's the only one of them I wouldn't hang for crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg laws.
  18. GG United States of Amnesia. I'd lambast these MAGA chuds but even lefties are repeating the war mongering message. No matter who is elected. The poor get fucked over, and the war doesn't stop.
  19. I have anarchist leanings. Every government has corruption, but to ignore the fact that the crisis is DIRECTLY caused by American big oil interests is criminal. Same shit different day. Same as Iraq, Libya, every other American war. Americans never learn. The war machine keeps grinding. Sad. Can't wait to watch a movie about it 50 years from now.
  20. Elliot Abrams, who was picked by John Bolten is currently orchestrating the coup and was responsible for genocide in central and south America and there have been Tom Cruise movies made about their crimes. It is a fascist coup.
  21. To be more accurate they have been pushed onto the streets because of America's financial embargo. Venezuela's economy relies on 90% of its trade through USD and trading crude oil which America has blocked. America is starving little kids with the help of corporate billionaires in order to coup Venezuela and take the oil. Go on Marco Rubio's twitter will tell you exactly how it is. Americans are fucking evil Hitler would be proud.
  22. Popular discontent with Maduro is compatible with the fact that America has been infringing on Venezuela sovereignty for 2 decades, undermining them with embargo, corporate collusion and fascist death squads on the ground.

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