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  1. Calling it communist propaganda conspiracy theories is just a smear that the powerful use to attack the downtrodden. Actually provide an argument or talk shit. Either way, we're all fucked. Billions will die from climate change and it is because of people like you. Enjoy your fucking cheese burgers while you can.
  2. The amazon is on fire because ranchers working for giant American agribusiness want more grazing land for cows to export more beef burgers to you fat American fucks
  3. Also lol the CIA and America has invaded and toppled every single government in Latin America but I'm the one that needs to prove it? Whatever lol
  4. The Pentagon has the level of resources unfathomable for a single human mind to comprehend and I'm the one doing the propaganda? lel We're all doomed aren't we?
  5. Can't source you until the relevant info is undocumented, and the stuff that is is obviously classified. But it is common knowledge, Bolsonaro loyalists jailed Lula who would have won the election. America funded a hybrid disinformation campaign. And yes I will support the next Mao Zedong if he amasses a red army to save the planet from ecological collapse.
  6. Climate change is going to reduce the planets population capacity to 1 billion people. If you don't vote for Bernie you are a genocidal maniac that needs to be stopped by force.
  7. America already did that. They installed Bolsonaro in a soft coup. That's how America exports fascism.
  8. Yes the goal of socialism is communism (a stateless classless society) The view that a few tweaks to capitalism solves shit is a social democrat position. A liberal position. Because the socialists know if you don't kill off the cancer that is capitalism. It will grow back, brainwash your kids & alter the past, eventually rolling back those tweaks to capitalism. Andrew Yang for many reasons isn't a socialist. His UBI plan is the Milton Friedman monetarist/hyperlibertarian endgame. Destroy the welfare state, replace it with a feudal state where people live in some dystopia where citizens receive some dollars not pegged to inflation (so there isn't any guaranteed rights) where they are ruled by robots and their capitalist masters. And of course those masters control the past and the present.
  9. If you agree with the diagnosis you're basically admitting you're a Marxist.
  10. FDR was not a socialist. He was a social democrat that caved to the demands of the revolutionary proletariat of the time. The only way people can stop predatory capitalism is when there are enough people who make the choice that they have had enough of it.
  11. Everywhere EXCEPT North America see the term 'liberal' as free market capitalism. Capitalism with little bits of social safety nets is called a social democracy. Bernie calls himself a Democratic Socialist. This is not liberalism. It is not capitalist. It is a rejection of capitalism for the proletariat to control the means of production. The goal of socialism is communism. Democratic socialism is the pursuit of communism through liberal/bourgeois institutions. I do not believe communism can be achieved through liberal institutions because those same institutions react to communism with a fascist response. Socialists see wage labour and private property for the purpose of capital accumulation as morally abhorrent. Bernie's views are incompatible with capitalism. Also American 'conservatives' all preach 'limited government' (this is just a lie, they love government for themselves) civil and human rights (unless it infringes on their property rights) 'individual rights' (for themselves) racial equality (unless it gets in the way of making $) gender equality (unless it gets in the way of power for men) 'internationalism' (unless it's actual international solidarity, instead of international terrorism) 'democracy' (unless its a result they don't like), secularism (unless it's not Christian) 'freedom of the press' (unless it voices dissent) freedom of religion (except for when they discriminate on the basis of religion) All of this is shared by Liberals like Joe Biden, Liz Warren, and all those other faceless Democrats nobody gives a shit about because they're not a real opposition. Elizabeth Warren was a registered Republican. Joe Biden is more Republican than Trump. Your average Democrat and Republican are like close cousins.
  12. This will turn you all into communists. Guaranteed.
  13. Bernie is not a liberal. If you distanced yourself from Bernie you would actually be closer to the libtards because American conservatism is effectively liberalism but without the faux social justice shit. Bernie is the only opposition candidate.
  14. Most billionaires prefer Republicans for obvious reasons.
  15. Republicans easily. Republicans have more money on average and billionaires need somewhere they can siphon their money through to not pay tax.
  16. Americans are so fucking stupid they honestly think Hong Kongers are freedom (tm) loving American patriots when they're waving those shit flags because they know Americans are the only ones capable of fighting the People's Liberation Army. I guess it has obviously worked.
  17. No one becomes a billionaire without raping something or someone.
  18. All the interest in Trump being a pedo comes entirely from California? lol How the fuck can your partisanship in a fake democracy be so strong? How the fuck can you disbelieve your eyes and ears that all these billionaires are pedos working together to cover up their rape. From Clinton, to Trump. They're all on the same fucking team and you Trump loving dumbasses still think he's some sort of hero. North Korea citizens have freer thoughts than you motherfuckers.
  19. the only red pill bourgeois class collaboration among billionaires dishes out:
  20. Nothing unites the confrontational major parties and politicians more than their natural class interests.
  21. Obama did ramp up arrests & deportations. Trump is continuing it & making it even worse. Such is the nature of the largest apartheid state the earth has ever seen.
  22. *Offence Those refugees came from countries that where the pentagon installed tinpot dictator puppet governments. It is an offence budget. America does not do defense.
  23. Moron over here thinks firms are being nice to workers by keeping them on instead of just fucking lowering their costs where they can by automating. Brain genius over here

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