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  1. 'Gay people exist. This is unacceptable!' Only a mentally deranged snowflake can be foaming in the mouth at the sight of a loving family.
  2. Trump could round up all the Democrats and execute them all in order to build the wall and half the people in this thread would cheer it on. But yeah Trump is not curing cancer is he? He's creating killing fields and ramping up Obama's drone assassination campaign to obscene levels and he has ramped up troop deployment all across the middle east. So much for anti war. But it doesn't matter to you lot either. War or isolationism, whatever suits you authoritarians. What Trump says is law and truth. Truly totalitarian.
  3. Yeah like turning Mosul into a killing field for civilians? nicu
  4. Trump is a bigger warmonger than Obama:
  5. Your nation is literally crumbling and you're telling me there isn't going to be enough jobs. The robots will take over everything meme is pie in the sky stuff.
  6. I am against UBI on completely different conclusions. I'm not like you. Sorry mate. UBI is not a socialist plot, dumbass.
  7. When you dish out UBI and then contract the economy through spending cuts and taxation to not offer enough jobs to job seekers. People naturally won't work because they CANT. Remember, government and the banking sector decide the demand for work. I am not for UBI, but this Koch concocted 'study' is bullshit.
  8. Edmund Burke and Adam Smith would be considered communists by conservatives in today's political landscape. Buckley is just a fascist provocateur.
  9. Starbucks doesn't take your money at gunpoint directly. They use their profit to enter the political arena to shape market policies to benefit them financially. Large corporations have a symbiotic relationship with government and their profit motive even translates to foreign policy and international aggression. Starbucks cooperates and benefits from many other institutions such as the IMF, The World Bank, USAID and other arms of American aggression that gives them the ability to take over latin American industry for example. Debt traps and economic capture allows Starbucks to benefit from near slavery conditions in the third world to get their coffee beans. Does it enforce any of its views with guns? Yes actually. In latin America, these companies force governments to get rid of worker protections and ban the right to strike. Large multinationals actually murder union leaders and hire right wing death squads to terror the peasants into working on the plantation. The Coca Cola company is another example of a company that employs death squads in their operations abroad.
  10. UBI is as old an idea as Milton Friedman. It's a really shit idea and leftists praise it as progressive and shit but if it is praised by extreme right wingers and giant corporations there is something wrong with it. The difference between UBI and an elaborate welfare state is that a UBI can be secretively eroded by inflation while a welfare state guarantees every single citizen the right to a social service. UBI would slowly take away the rights of citizens and it is a horror that leftists propose this totalitarian policy rather than advocating jobs for all with social protections.
  11. Most issues of latin America are issues of political and economic sovereignty. And it isn't just Republicans who engage in murderous fascist coups, illegal trade wars/dumping, propaganda campaigns, assassinations, drugs trades etc. The caravan that Trump has used to whip up racist hatred was created by the Obama administrations coup in central America that toppled multiple governments in exchange for pro American business friendly companies. America essentially controls it's own backyard from political to economic policy. When you hear about USAID and big numbers going these countries, it isn't to help them, it is to build infrastructure to help companies extract resources. It's called 'debt trap diplomacy'. Building a wall will not solve the issue because the forces that compel people to migrate are still there and are increasing in severity.
  12. No they are not elected. Not directly at least. They are appointed by politicians who are 'elected officials'. Their work is as independent as a supreme court judge nominee. If a conservative is appointed by a conservative, they will govern like a conservative. Yes they put the interests of big banks first, but this is the natural bias of law and economist phDs which is dominated by conservative ideologues. They are lackeys of the ruling class. You are right, they do serve large financial institutions, but they also serve large corporations and their bought politicians in Washington who appoint them. Trump is not exempt from this. He appointed fiscal hawks. A few weeks back he was outraged that the fed raised interest rates that put 1.2 million people out of work to tackle 0.1% of inflation or some stupid number. By historical standards Trump is an outlier to ordinary Republican fiscal policy. The party is full of economic terrorists but Trump to his political skill is engaging in big spending again, regardless of his corrupt oligarchic methods of doing so. This has resulted in a better than avg economy over the last 20 years. For the rich that is. Workers are getting jobs back, they're all shit pay and barely over the poverty line, but it is better than Obama's post GFC economy and that is what will give Trump extra political capital in future.
  13. Doom actually satirized corporate faux social justice advertising campaigns as part of their advertising campaign. Of course right wingers saw it as making fun of PC culture or some shit but trust them to be fucking brain damaged and miss the nuance of the humour.
  14. Going for something that touches American feelz instead of using foreigners as props in video games is great for advertising and gets people talking. There are examples everywhere. I loved seeing the right wing meltdown when this game was released. Like yeah africans, asians islanders can be bad guys but we can't hurt radical Christian feelings LOL. The game was hardly political btw. The only politics that was in it was research into the way cults work (such as Fox News viewers lol)
  15. Who is the US Treasury borrowing from? They ring up the fed and tell them to punch some numbers into their account. They're not borrowing from anyone zzz. A wall is like adding a bandaid to the flesh wound that is capitalism. Walls don't stop migration. Real economic reform in latin America is the solution.

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