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  1. Hold on did I just read that? Obama gave money to big fucking capitalists. He is a right wing capitalist who hates leftists and initiates fascist coups in Latin America. You Americans are the biggest goobers.
  2. Bernie isn't taxing anyone you dumb fuck. Unless you're a drug company, higher education scammer or an insurance parasite you're not losing anything and you'll be even richer because Bernie will actually bring manufacturing to America and modernise the country. Meanwhile under Trump, the factories are abandoned, and the unemployed are killing themselves from despair through drug overdose MAGA
  3. That shit gave me brain cancer. That wasn't a debate. You can't even 'man handle' a giant fucking child. It was a complete waste of time and it was disgustingly moderated by corporate cunts to steer away from issues that actually appear to 80% of the population.
  4. Liberal conservative dichotomy has been dead since like 2015 dude at least in America. At least outside of America everyone knows liberals are right wing conservative fucks
  5. Also lol Obama bailed out wall st blah blah blah, no leftist actually gives a fuck about Obama. He is not our guy. Unlike Reagan who exploded government spending and bailed out a fuck ton of banks, he is defs your guy.
  6. Bush was bad, but don't pretend Clinton and Reagan didn't fuck it up further. Bush jR was the nail in the coffin in a long line of neocon and neoliberal fuck stains.
  7. Trade schools will also be free like it was in the 50s so no. Giving people equality of opportunity actually ensures everyone makes the most of themselves and actually get into positions in society through merit instead of the rampant vile nepotism that plagues most western countries.
  8. Holy shit why is Bernie so cool!
  9. He's been building a movement his entire life lol.
  10. You're surprised billionaires don't like taxes?
  11. Also good to know that given America is barely committing troops to their conventional warfare on a country of 80 million people. Australia's Liberal party will almost definitely contribute troops like the cucks that they are. Australia since it was couped by the CIA in the 1970s has been America's bitch ever since.
  12. lel You're responsible for the next wave of war, global terror and refugees when the war with Iran happens.
  13. They're not even close to socialist. They are liberals. Also it is *Labor The new government is benefiting me with massive corporate welfare. It benefits me. It fucks over workers. I don't care. Let the class war continue.

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