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  1. 'live below your means' the american says in an economy rigged so 10 dogs fight for 9 bones and you all wonder why the 10th dog can't get a bone
  2. You got everything Hillary in a Trump presidency and more.
  3. This was an infiltration by the GOP Nazi Jack Posebiec & Mike Cernovich. None of these people are concerned about the welfare of children. It is purely political & ironically done to ensure people in power are never challenged so they can actually continue to abuse.
  4. The fact that you attribute gender nonconforming kids as 'sexualisation' is incredibly dishonest and says a lot about your character.
  5. Trump is a pedophile & his supporters continuously support & elect actual pedophiles.
  6. It isn't overtly sexual to use makeup & wear dresses. This isn't for concern for kids. It's obsession with noncomforming gender expression.
  7. Self described Christians are the the largest, terrorist orgs on earth. They're called the GOP. And those terrorist groups that aren't Christian are ironically mostly organised by politicians in the GOP.
  8. Literally policing how kids wanna dress. That's the Christian taliban for you
  9. Gilets Jaunes premier anniversaire contre l'oligarchie Meanwhile Americans bow down to oligarchy in prayer that they one day may join the oligarchy.
  10. People who use the terms left and right are morons who dont want people to characterise politics as the population versus oligarchy. Because when that happens, you actually have to talk policy instead of identity politics.
  11. It's real sad I've been posting in this place for awhile MAGA chuds still think I'm some sort of limp dick liberal Get the memo, the left is back in America.
  12. Republicans: Gun rights are universal! 2nd amendment! Black Panthers: Hey, can we have gun rights? Republicans: No, dirty thugs! Socialist Rifle Association: We think workers should be armed Republicans: And let mob rule happen! No guns for you :)) Fascists: Gib gun Republicans: everything you need
  14. Recycling cold war propaganda and calling it an argument lmfao

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