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  1. Has a ping system like gears has ever been talked about in depth?
  2. Forever? Or do you have something in mind about when you think they could have been put more in the spotlight? I was always curious about them but halo 4 felt like too much too fast.
  3. Is it possible that they are going for a comparison of the past demo and this new one? Or did the visuals not improve enough for that. I am hoping for multiplayer as well since it seems to be the most vague thing so far.
  4. Saw it during someones stream many hours ago. No proof but I am pretty sure they said it could be turned off. The user oh4 seems to know about it
  5. Perhaps they were trying to find a way to actually make it work and when it couldnt have been sorted out for launch they gave us the answer. I really doubt they just decided for no reason to wait this long. I would not be surprised if over time we get dedi's in customs or at least renting. They did make a big deal about it and at the same time they never gave specifics. its not 343's fault if everyone assumes custom games AND MM will run on servers when they never stated that. People just need to keep their expectations in check & only get hyped up for the things that are actually confirmed. Its unreasonable to get mad at 343 when they never said customs would have dedi's at launch.
  6. I don't even think there are many PC shooters that just allow dedicated servers customs without renting servers o.O No dedi's in customs was hugely expected. Really surprised at the amount of people that are surprised at this news. yes the ranking system existed in the past on XBOX. Not Xbox one and certainly not in this new algorithm search system they have. They cannot just literally copy& paste the rank system from halo 2. they had to build it from scratch & this type of thing needs alooooot of testing. More than the original development window would allow clearly. I doubt 343 would withhold more ranked playlists just for laughs. I would rather it be fully functional working as they slowly roll it out rather than they roll it all out too fast & it breaks.
  7. This will be very interesting to watch. I wonder how spaced out it will be and how many will be allowed. Maybe unlimited then narrowed down like global championships. I am late to a lot of this information becuase i have been hiding from MCC news to make the wait less agonizing but its impossible to turn my eye to everything going on now ! ヽ(゚Д゚ )ノ
  8. Honestly hope some really good forge makes get put into H2A's matchmaking to offset the limted number of maps =) A good midship remake as well as other classics would be perfect (°□°)
  9. Sounds good. More competitive events like this are really hyping up the community & getting new people hooked on competitive halo (`・ω・´)b
  10. why do you say that ? Did they not say they were going to add it post launch?
  11. Really hard to say =/ I was just thinking about that as well that the size of the map seems bigger. But could resolution play a part in making it seem a lot bigger? Has that been discussed?
  12. Ive been playing a few XBC matches trying to get used to halo 2 again, back then i learned alot from several players but still had alot of connection issues.
  13. I use the scuf one xbox one controller since I find the 4 paddles under the controller for abxy are far more comfortable then having to take my thumb o the look pitch every time i want to hit abxy. combined with bumper jumper I have supreme ease of control in Titanfall / Halo 2 Vista(only played 2 times DX)
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