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  1. do shitty gifs and memes count as content? cause i'm ready.
  2. just stopping by for some quick open lan/fall season hype.
  3. If they were smart they would play on rostermania more than they do. I mean look at how transfer windows are handled in soccer in the european leagues. The offseason is never ending speculation and hype and the big sports networks bank on that every summer. Fuck, they have a whole day dedicated to it. 343 is missing a golden opportunity to get people invested in the new story lines that are going to play out in the fall season.
  4. his point about riptide is spot on. I don't think there is anything outside of a total design overhaul that saves Riptide. No amount of tinkering will make up for the geometry as it stands.
  5. would do if it could make any difference, but its 343 after all.
  6. started with CE lans back in 6th grade with a group of about 8 or so local friends. played a little H2 put the most hours into H3 mostly ignored Reach/4 Started playing again with 5. Never followed the competitive scene as much as I do now. Recently, had to stop for school/work. Now I just watch when I can, and make shitty memes.
  7. yeah Casey Neistat is awesome. You really need to have an exceptional life, or experiences, to pull off entertaining vlogs at that kind of volume. I can appreciate the hustle, and if it brings more people into the scene, all the better.
  8. I guess i'm in the same boat. I mean he obviously has the on camera charisma, but the daily life aspect is just kinda boring to me.
  9. honestly couldn't give less of a shit about his lip crust. does anybody honestly find his vlogs entertaining? I've tried a couple of times, but I don't know man, I just can't
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