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  1. Team of 2 looking to team for Atlanta next month. Usually finished in Onyx 1800-2000 as a duo (never had a to4) until the recent update, really friendly guys looking to compete and have fun. Due to my part time shift at UPS our availability is anywhere EXCEPT 5pm-10pm EST weekdays, and various times on weekends. GT: SUSP3ECT 502, messeygamer
  2. Haven't streamed in a while. Definitely plan on it once MCC comes out, hoping to stream Destiny soon as well. http://www.twitch.tv/xmesseyx/
  3. Yea I sent a email in and almost instantly got a reply and fixed the problem. Thanks guys!
  4. I was having a problem with their site as well. I got an email for the team builder but was never able to find where to enter the roster at.
  5. Unfortunately yes they'll be running Counter-Strike: GO, League of Legends (3v3, 5v5), Hearthstone, and Minecraft. Its also will be on January 3rd, same weekend as UGCs 10k
  6. Anyone near STL my friend is trying to bring back the LAN scene. Last couple events he had +200 people show up. Hes doing a Kickstarter for all the necessary funds, please check it and all the info is posted there https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1813602869/lacledes-lan-reboot-the-midwest-gaming-community?ref=nav_search Also XBL: messeygamer League of Legends: Messey
  7. Do you guys think Scufs will have a big impact then?
  8. Will all the button layouts be available or restricted to each game?
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