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  1. Send me a message or post here if you want to play in the cup today. I'm Onyx in Arena and prefer the same. GT: mammal hides HMU!
  2. GT: mammal hides 1850 team arena. hmu if you're still looking
  3. did you spell your GT correctly? I can't add you, but I'm down to play (1850 team arena). GT: mammal hides
  4. Add me for Team Arena. Onyx 1980 NA Eastern time GT: mammal hides
  5. Message me on XBL to run games. Onyx in Arena 18xx right now and 2xxx last season. I'm in EST time and on after 4pm until late typically GT: mammal hides
  6. Prefer Serious players that can be on during the week around 4pm Est until whenever. We are all Onyx in Arena and have positive attitudes. HMU to run games. GT: Safe Spaces
  7. I'll run games with other F/As or partial teams. I'm available M-F 4PM est-? The weekends are hit or miss. Attended Cbus 11' and the Nashville Combine if LAN exp is important. Onyx in Arena,Slayer and FFA. Thanks! GT: Safe Spaces
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