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  1. Just imagine that conversation with the agency. "no, your candidate did great" "then why are you removing the employment offer?" "because they were mean on the Internet" I'd be embarrassed as 343. They're the unprofessional ones here.
  2. It is definitely store specific as well. I'm UK so can't go but a buddy of mine went and really enjoyed. A few issues about lag spikes etc but said it went really well.
  3. If we're talking destiny OP BS don't forget thorn. That gun in year 1 was a two tap kill, had insane range and aim assist and a pretty fast fire rate at the top levels. Add onto the fact that it did damage over time, which not only countered healing perks and was the reason it killed so fast, but it literally let you track your opponent by following the numbers on screen. It also ruined the visibility of the person hit by thorn. It took you out of the game for 8-10 seconds if you got hit once. (damage, waiting for dot to end, healing) and that's just if they managed to tag you in the body. Destiny was never comp, but playing in sweaty lobbies was hell.
  4. Don't worry the odds are pretty terrible (understandably) Having said that, I've put my 6.75 (my max bet on 365, oops) on Splyce
  5. I'd imagine a bet like that would have to be reviewed by the traders as well, so definitely didn't happen
  6. Do you ever turn off from analysing? Because it's kinda douchey man
  7. The "real" story is that Nav has 14 warning points and no ban. #JusticeForCooper
  8. From ESL and LGs perspective, it's much better to not tweet out than worry about any legal ramifications of announcing early.
  9. Angel? I didn't enjoy, but it seemed like a fine place to eat.
  10. First initial, last name, random number... When I first joined xbl in the 360 days I went by Historic Fusion. Jeez that was bad.
  11. One of the most impressive things about MLG imo is that they're so quick to get matches on youtube - I missed the OG/Faze match and the nV/EU match yesterday and I'm able to just go to youtube and watch it (like 12 hours later)
  12. This is the moses heel turn, isn't it Edit: this is very cool - as a brit, seeing something on the BBC makes it legitimate. Halo one day? https://www.bbc.co.uk/events/e4wrn3/live/czpdgw
  13. I'm actually super hyped to go to HCS London even though I can see what the NA teams are saying. First LAN hype!
  14. Firstly, I highly doubt Simms has that much contact with the people responsible for the settings (I believe that is a 343 decision, and given that it's a fairly fundamental part of the game now, I doubt it will be changed) I do agree, simms works for ESL and is involved in the broadcast. Through dreamhack he kept us updated on the situation and at previous tournaments he has periscoped games to keep us in the loop. If you think he comes off as fake, that's obviously an opinion you are entitled to, but I have to say it's ridiculous.
  15. You lost me here. In what world does simms come across fake? The guy is the best we have and is allowed his own opinions. As much as I love onset, losing simms (in tournament organisation) is a blow. Let's not pick fights we have no reason to, please.
  16. Bullet hit markers definitely shouldn't go - the information they give you is definitely a positive. Grenade hit markers on the other hand are trash and should be removed ASAP. The way grenades are used in H5 (as player locators) is one of my biggest issues with the game.
  17. How much are GFINITY tickets? (sorry if I haven't seen the link posted in here) It's the weekend after some exams for me, could be a chill way to celebrate.
  18. There's the Frank we all know and kind of tolerate! Seriously, I thought something had gone wrong with the universe, you weren't being edgy enough.
  19. Would earn Quinn a lot of respect in my eyes if he just replied "I don't understand, can you elaborate?" followed by another tweet 5 mins later saying "Nah imagine"
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